New Jersey Legislature passes sports betting bill – Issue still opposed by State Department

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of legalized professional sports betting in New Jersey. This battle has been fought over 4 years and presumably ended when the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling making legislation passed by New Jersey to legalize sports betting void. Federal law clearly only allows sports betting in a few venues and New Jersey legislators can’t seem to accept that decision. The state legislature has now passed new laws trying to circumvent the Supreme Courts ruling. The Times Union online explains:

State lawmakers passed legislation Thursday that could allow legal sports betting in New Jersey to move forward.

The Assembly passed a measure that was overwhelmingly approved earlier this week in the state Senate. It’s aimed at helping the state’s foundering casino and racetrack industries, and would partially repeal prohibitions against sports wagering in the state.

Casino Watch Focus reported that the general feeling of those in the legislature is that the Federal Government simply wont care about enforcing existing laws and so New Jersey would simply do the same, a situation similar to the legalization of marijuana in a few states. However, the US Department of Justice has made it very clear that they oppose New Jersey’s strange attempt at a legal workaround:  

According to the website, the federal government branded the state’s legal strategy as “meritless theory” and called on District Judge Michael Shipp to keep an existing court order in place to halt the plans. 

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