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Brief Look at Crime 10/27 – 11/02

2 dead and 10 injured after shooting at gambling den

Two gamblers were shot dead and at least 10 others wounded by a man who lost all of his money at a dice game in Khon Kaen early yesterday. Pol Lt Colonel Sorawit Sinna, the duty officer at Kranuan Police Station, said a team of police, a medical unit from the district hospital and a rescue squad from a local charitable foundation rushed to the scene when reports came in of the attack at about 1am in a village in Kranuan district. They found the bodies of a woman, Sommai Faiphet, 45, and a man, Sawai Daengnok, 43, as well as spent AK47 cartridges scattered around the scene. The 10 wounded were given emergency treatment and taken to the district hospital. Luan Faiphet, 64, one of the wounded, told police she opened her house for a weekend high-low game, which drew about 20 people from the village and nearby communities.

Bank manager jailed for stealing £185,000 from elderly customers

Glenn Mason was jailed for 15 months today after the Old Bailey heard he stole £185,000 from the accounts of elderly Natwest customers to fund his online gambling addiction A respected NatWest bank manager who stole £185,000 from his elderly customers to fund his internet gambling addiction sobbed as he was jailed for 15 months. Glenn Mason, 56, plundered the accounts of nine pensioners including an 83 year-old woman and a 92 year-old man who banked at his branch in Biggin Hill, Kent. Mason, who was given an award by the Metropolitan Police in Bromley in 2009 for his crime fighting efforts, got away with the thefts for almost a year before his arrest in July 2012.

DA files new charges against Jericho man accused of stealing

Joseph Koch, 56, of Jericho, the former president of a Baldwin insurance agency, was arraigned on a grand jury indictment charging him with stealing more than $800,000 from business clients, mostly by pocketing money paid for insurance premiums, Nassau County prosecutors said. The former president of a Baldwin insurance agency was arraigned Monday on a grand jury indictment charging him with stealing more than $800,000 from business clients, mostly by pocketing money paid for insurance premiums, Nassau County prosecutors said. Joseph Koch, 56, of Jericho, spent the stolen money on personal expenses, including purchases at retail stores and country clubs, gambling.

Constable accused of using charity money for gambling, lottery tickets 

Prosecutors Friday said Harris County Pct. 6 Victor Trevino diverted “thousands and thousands” of dollars from his charity to put in slot machines at a Louisiana casino with his family and buy Lotto tickets. Harris County prosecutor Bill Moore told jurors in opening statements of Trevino’s trial on charges of financial misconduct that the long-time East End constable directed his bookkeeper to forge the signature of authorized signer and had deputies cash the checks at convenience stores. “You are going to hear that evidence that checks were cashed for large amounts of money,” Moore said. “And you are going to hear that within days, sometimes the next day, Constable Trevino and his wife would go to a casino in Louisiana and put large amounts of cash into slot machines.” Trevino, who was president of the Constable’s Athletic Recreational and Education Events Inc., a charity he created more than 20 years ago, was not an authorized signer.

Thomas Vanek Linked To Gambling, Money Laundering Ring

A bookmaker out of Rochester, NY pleaded guilty to money laundering after he accepted a $230,000 New York Islanders check to clear a gambling debt. While it appears his name will mostly be kept out of the official records, Thomas Vanek’s name remains linked to a betting ring out of Rochester, NY that was recently broken up by authorities. Mark Ruff pleaded guilty to laundering a $230,000 check to cover gambling losses. That check bore the name of the New York Islanders, the employer of Vanek at the time of the check’s issuance. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the $230,000 payment was ‘apparently a salary check that was endorsed and handed over to cover wagers — was made at the same time hockey superstar Thomas Vanek played for the Islanders, said local attorney James Wolford.’ Vanek acknowledged having testified for a grand jury in the case. His name is also found in records seized by the authorities. That said, Vanek remained uncharged as it’s those running the ring that the authorities were after. While Vanek may have a big name in the NHL circles, the authorities were much more concerned with the guys taking over $76 million in bets before having large chunks of cash seized.

Banker stole £5m from parishioners to fund gambling habit

Patrick Coppeard, 49, a former managing director at Merrill Lynch, conned friends out of more than £5.4million in a Ponzi scam A retired City banker who cheated churchgoers out of millions in a vast fraud told one victim over the phone: ‘God has told me to give you a ring.’ Over five years Patrick Coppeard collected nearly £5.4million, most of which he blew in online gambling while trying to make up for losses. When he finally handed himself into police and was asked how much he had left in his account, the former broker for investment bank Merrill Lynch replied: ‘Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.’

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