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Florida State University Star Quarterback Under Fire for Alleged Point Shaving

Casino Watch Focus has reported on point shaving scandals and allegations over the years. Such behavior is why the general concessions of the pro-sports leagues and the NCAA is to stay far removed from sports betting. One of college footballs biggest starts, Florida State University’s (FSU) Jameis Winston, is at the center of allegations that point shaving took place during the first half of the FSU – Louisville game. A local Tampa CBS news affiliate reports: 

TMZ Sports is reporting that there are allegations of point shaving during the FSU-Louisville game. The allegations involve the Heisman trophy winner and an old high school teammate, Chris Rabb.

Rabb allegedly won a $5,000 bet based on Louisville winning the first half of the game. FSU was down 21-7 at the half, but came back and won the game.

TMZ Sports says it talked with the FBI, the agency who would investigate such claims, however, would not confirm whether they are in fact investigating the point shaving allegations.

The other player at hand, Chris Rabb, is a college football player at the University of Alabama – Birmingham (UAB). The Palm Beach Post explains the connection and what action is planned: 

“We’re are aware of the allegation and looking into the matter,” UAB athletic director Brian Mackin said in a statement Friday, Al.com reported. “That is the only comment we will have at this time.”

The player who allegedly made a $5,500 bet on the first half of the FSU-Louisville game was identified as defensive end Chris Rabb, who played with Winston at Hueytown (Ala.) High School.

The gambling website IBN Sports Wrap said that a bookmaker complained that Rabb and Winston “conspired together” to win the bet on the game’s first half.

FSU was favored to win the first half by a point but trailed 21-7 at halftime before ultimately winning 42-31.

Winston’s lawyer wants delay: Winston’s attorney reportedly sent a letter to FSU asking for a delay in the hearing to determine whether Winston violated the student code of conduct.

Whereas the allegations do seem to be far-stretched, they point to why sports betting must be so closely regulated and why efforts to expand sports betting, like the situation in New Jersey, are often opposed by the NCAA and the other pro-sports leagues.

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