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Brief Look at Crime 11/10 – 11/16

Trucker Pleads Guilty To Scamming former Chicago Bears Devin Hester

A trucker who conned former Chicago Bears kickoff return star Devin Hester and others out of $1.5 million pleaded guilty Wednesday and said he’s struggling with booze and gambling addictions. Gregg Steinnagel, 53, promised quick, large profits to Hester if he invested with a pal, then kept the cash for himself. Starting in 2011, Hester made several small investments that paid off; then Steinnagel and Fazzio took him for 14 investments totaling nearly $400,000, court documents state. Fazzio, of Pittsburgh, has since died but Steinnagel was arrested at his Chicago home in May. Prosecutors said Steinnagel gambled with the loot he stole from Hester and others at casinos in the Chicago area, Nevada and Florida. Steinnagel admitted Wednesday that he’s being treated by a doctor for alcohol and gambling problems.

Rhode Island Mobster Sentenced for Running Sports Betting Ring

A high-ranking member of the New England mob was sentenced to a 10-year suspended sentence and 10 years probation before a Superior Court judge on Wednesday after pleading no contest to a charge of conspiracy to commit a felony and racketeering. Edward C. Lato, 67, is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in connection to a l $1.5 million extortion ring involving the shakedown of Rhode Island strip club owners. In May of 2011, Lato and 24 others were arrested and charged with racketeering, extortion, conspiracy and gambling in connection with what authorities called a “large scale sports betting operation”.

Bone-crunching moment 1,700lb bulls with sharpened horns are pitched head-to-head in rural

From idyllic beaches to spectacular scenery, there isn’t much that Haiti doesn’t offer tourists. But this is one activity that isn’t on most visitors’ itineraries. Bullfighting is a huge pastime for Haitians, with locals often gathering each Sunday to gamble on the outcome of matches. The coastal town of Leogane holds regular events, and the obscure Haitian practice has been likened to cockfighting or dog-fighting. The animals’ horns are often sharpened by knives and machetes ahead of each fight in a bid to give the bulls an advantage over their rivals. The bulls’ trainers then stomp through crowds of onlookers as they look to drum up bets among the spectators, while the animals dig holes in the dirt as they wait to be let loose from their ropes.

Dog Fighting Raid: Police Arrest 47 People, Rescue 8 Pit Bulls In Akron, Ohio

On Saturday night, about 11 p.m., more than 100 law enforcement officers from the Akron Police Department, the U.S. Marshal’s Office and FBI converged on a property in the 1100 block of Cordova Avenue, where they had received tips that organized dog fights were held, Lt. Rick Edwards, public information officer for Akron police told reporters. People scattered when officers burst into the garage. The fence, however, kept most of the people there inside the yard. “They were all blocked in,” Chief Nice told Cleveland.com. “It was a zoo. People were running everywhere and throwing money and drugs to the ground.” The property was set up for dog fighting, Lt. Edwards confirmed, describing walls that had blood splatters and bloody [electric] prodders to get the dogs to fight, “This tells you this wasn’t something that only happened once.” In a separate metal shed, they found equipment for weighing the dogs and cleaning them after the fights. They also had an area set up for betting inside the shed.

Woman who stole $90k from man jailed

A Hamilton woman who befriended an elderly man before stealing his eftpos card and using it to fund a three-month, $90,000 spending and gambling spree has been jailed for two years and three months. She appeared in the same court by video link yesterday, smiling and waving to relatives before Judge David Ruth began his sentencing. Ruth recounted how, this year, Cloke had befriended the 83-year-old victim by claiming to be his neighbour and, on one occasion, took him grocery shopping. She noticed his Pin and later stole the card from his house. Then she went on a massive spending spree, toting up purchases including a new car, a home-theatre system, jewellery, clothing, a plasma TV and lounge suites. She also spent his money on stays in hotel rooms and gambling. She told police that she spent the maximum on the card every day on gambling.

Federal gambling indictment against Greenfield ruled valid 

A federal judge has denied a Bloomington, Minn. man’s request to dismiss an indictment that accuses him of running an illegal gambling ring in North Dakota. Gerald Greenfield claimed that a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in Minnesota should have made him immune to federal charges filed in North Dakota. But U.S. District Court Judge Ralph Erickson ruled that the plea agreement contained language that only applies to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Minnesota. Court documents say Greenfield received approximately $10 million a year in wagers and discussed receiving “several million dollars” in action” each year from gamblers in Fargo.

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