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Update: New Sports Legislation passed by New Jersey Struck Down by Judge

Casino Watch Focus has reported on New Jersey’s ongoing efforts to expand gambling by legalizing sports betting at local gambling establishments. Throughout the years, such efforts have routinely failed including an effort to appeal the issue to the Supreme Court, an issue they declined to take up thus leaving past rulings against such gambling expansion illegal. The state’s legislature refused to accept the ruling and in an outrageous move, passed legislation that essentially said they would just not enforce federal law on those establishment’s that chose to provide sports betting. As reported by Casino Watch Focus last monththe pro-sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) and the NCAA filed an injunction to stop the new law until a ruling was made. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that a new ruling has been made and as expected, its not in favor of the new gambling expansion legislation:

A federal judge ruled Friday that New Jersey can’t partially lift a prohibition on sports betting in an effort boost the state’s struggling horse racing and casino industries. The decision from U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp was the expected outcome since the judge had ruled similarly in the past.

The state, locked in a legal battle with the NCAA and four professional sports leagues, is expected to appeal to a higher court.

A federal law bans New Jersey and most other states from authorizing betting on sports. But the state contended it didn’t want to license or authorize the betting. Instead, it was seeking to end a prohibition and that it wouldn’t regulate sports betting.

But Judge Shipp agreed with the sports leagues that setting parameters such as limiting sports gambling to certain places amounts to regulation.

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