American Gaming Association Mysteriously Doubles Economic Estimates for Florida Gambling Expansion

Casino Watch Focus has reported that a newly established Florida Senate Gaming Committee issued a two year gambling study back in 2012. There was plenty of criticism about the company hired to do the study being too connected to the gambling industry. It was reported that the first part of the study, released during the summer of 2013, pointed to potential harm to Florida’s Turisim if additional full-scale Vegas style casinos were allowed. Then, the study’s results were stalledas the results were not as boisterous as the gambling industry had hoped. Now, the American Gaming Association is releasing information regarding Florida’s gambling expansion that is somehow double what was originally reported. A press release by No Casinos explains: 

No Casinos: Pro-Gambling Group Mysteriously Doubles Casino Jobs Claim in Less Than 80 Days

American Gaming Association changes its numbers to make industry look better


No Casinos made the following statement based on the re-release of the American Gaming Association’s economic impact numbers:

How many jobs do casinos create in Florida? The number apparently has more than doubled since Sept. 30, when the American Gaming Association released a national report on the economic impact of gambling.

That report claimed there were more than 3,200 casino jobs in Florida, with gambling revenues of $467.6 million. The AGA apparently has corrected itself, now claiming there are more than 7,400 Florida jobs “supported” by gambling, with a total economic impact of more than $1 billion.

“It appears that the first set of numbers wasn’t impressive enough so they cooked up another set,’’ said John Sowinski, President of No Casinos, Inc. “Maybe if they go back a third time, they’ll find the $500 million that South Florida casinos promised our schools every year. Nobody else has been able to find it.’’

The full press release can be read HERE. The SunSentinel Online also spoke with No Casinos and outlined additional information regarding the claim by the AGA and why the true impact to Florida from gambling expansion is not as its being portrayed:

John Sowinski, president of No Casinos Inc., says that the revenues generated don’t really have an effect on the state and that gambling is a “parasitic” business, meaning that the money spent on slots and casino restaurants would merely be spent elsewhere in the state — and the report doesn’t take into account the social costs of gambling.

“The slot revenues run the state of Florida for about 18 hours,” he says. “It is a blip on the screen, a rounding error.

“This is all to do about money that we’d spend anyway, and hopefully it’s discretionary spending, not money that Floridians need to pay their bills. That’s not really economic impact. It’s redistribution backward.”

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