NBA Commissioner Draws Up ‘Bait and Switch’ Play to Expand Sports Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of New Jersey to expand sports betting in their state. Each time the New Jersey legislature has passed legislation, the pro-sports teams along with the NCAA and Federal Justice Dept have responded with court injuctions and lawsuits to prevent sports gambling expansion. The NBA was a key opponent to their legislative attempts not only in the past, but as recent as few months ago when the newest efforts by New Jersey became tied up in court. So imagine the surprising statements of current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver that support federal expansion of sports gambling. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie explains how Silver’s position and his direct statements to work with Gov. Christie are no more than a bait and switch move:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says a call from the National Basketball Association commissioner to join him in lobbying Congress to legalize sports betting across the nation is a “bait and switch”

Christie said during a televised interview Monday night that it was “kind of crazy” for NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ask him to help with a legalization push when Silver is part of a lawsuit blocking sports betting in his state.

“I think it’s kind of crazy for the commissioner of the NBA to say, on one hand, ‘Join me governor, let’s have legalized sports gaming everywhere. But not in New Jersey right now,'” Christie said.

This position is also contrary to everything the NBA has stood for over the years. They shouldn’t need to be reminded of the troubles gambling scandals can bring to the sport. It’s a troubling road this new NBA Commissioner is following. Keep following to stay up to date on sports gambling expansion developments.

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