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Brief Look at Crime 12/29 – 01/04

Gambling addicted bank manager gets federal prison for stealing from elderly customers

Former bank manager Tiffany K. Look was visibly distraught even before a federal judge walked into the courtroom Monday morning. She had reason to be. Moments later, U.S. Middle District Judge John E. Jones sentenced Look, 40, of Harrisburg, to 2 years in federal prison for stealing nearly $140,000 from elderly customers. Look’s lawyer, A. Mark Winter, said she committed the crimes while in the grip of a gambling addiction. “At the end of the day, I knew right from wrong. And I chose wrong,” a tearful and apologetic Look told the judge. “I have no excuses.” “This is the most virulent gambling addiction I’ve ever seen,” Jones said. “This is a fairly audacious and almost inexplicable crime. I guess the casinos pulled you down.”

Guilty pleas and jail terms in largest cockfighting bust in New York history

New York state Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced this month the felony convictions of two Ulster County men charged as part of the three-county takedown, “Operation Angry Birds,” which resulted in the dismantling of the largest known cockfighting ring in New York history, reaching from Ulster County to Brooklyn and Queens, and one of the biggest in the country. Cockfighting contraband and implements were found within the basement, including artificial spurs, candle wax, medical adhesive tape and syringes used to inject performance-enhancing drugs to strengthen the roosters’ fighting ability and other cockfighting implements and paraphernalia. “Cockfighting is a cruel, abusive and barbaric practice,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “It tortures animals, endangers the health and safety of our communities and is known to facilitate other crimes, [and] we are holding accountable those who raised animals for illegal sport, operated illegal gambling venues and trafficked fighting animals to New York City.

China arrests 87,000 for gambling, prostitution

Police in China have arrested 87,000 people in the campaign against gambling and prostitution that was launched earlier this year, the ministry of public security said. Over the past year, police closed more than 37,000 criminal cases related to gambling and the sale of sexual services that are criminal offences in China. The ministry made public 20 of the 37,000 crimes, including prostitution organised in leisure centres and online platforms and the creation of casinos and cross-border gambling, among other services.

Kissimmee man facing 30 years in jail described as ‘vampire’ scam artist 

For more than a decade, court records show, Scott Campbell has been victimizing women. In 2003, the Kissimmee man who portrayed himself as a high-powered music producer started swindling them out of their money, according to court records. Jeannie Thompson, his former girlfriend of eight years, put it like this: “Scott’s like a vampire. … He would take all your personal finances. He would do that until he would literally suck everything out of you.” Campbell, 49, was convicted in December of ripping off more than $1 million from women after portraying himself as a successful music producer. It was all a front to get money so he could take extravagant gambling trips to Las Vegas, Biloxi, Miss., and Atlantic City, N.J., prosecutors from Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office said.

Suspect in Edmonton murder had violent record

Court documents detail the charges against Lam, who has been identified as the suspect in the killings in media reports. The charges in 2012 include a no-contact order for the seven people he threatened with death. Lam’s lengthy criminal record, stretching back to 1987, details a history of charges including aggravated assault, drug trafficking and possession, uttering threats and shoplifting. He was charged with careless use of a firearm in 2001. Detailed bankruptcy statements reveal Lam had a gambling problem and racked up more than $112,000 in unsecured charges across more 15 credit cards. He was ordered to attend a gambling addiction remediation program. On Dec. 16, 2014, just over a week before the bodies were discovered, the court ordered that Lam repay $17,655.43 in connection with his bankruptcy claim. The suspect in the killings took his own life Monday after killing eight other people. Police have not yet confirmed the identity of the suspect.

Authorities Investigate Dead Body Report In Cripple Creek 

A Christmas time jolt struck the Cripple Creek community last week with the discovery of a dead body and rumors running rampant about foul play, including a possible homicide. But a multi-agency investigation, led by the Cripple Creek Police Department, resulted in the confirmation of a suicide involving a white male. The victim apparently died from falling from a roof of a casino parking garage. His death was apparently self-inflicted. According to the Cripple Creek Police officials, the body was discovered around 10 p.m. on Dec. 24. An investigation was then launched by the CCPD with the help of the Teller County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Teller County Coroner’s office.

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