Daily Olympics Gambling Coming to Nevada Sports Books?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the dangers of allowing gambling on the Olympics. The issues range from creating new addicted sports gamblers to seeing the integrity of the Olympic Games to come into question. The International Olympics Committee has done its part to ban by banning gambling for those competing in the winter and summer games. They have even tried to look for suspicious betting patterns to see if they can see if gambling plays a role in any match fixing. But the IOC can’t directly control which jurisdictions choose to allow gambling on the Olympics. Sports betting is a staple of the gambling industry in Las Vegas, but the Olympics has never been a big draw, especially those games scored by judges. However, an online source is pointing to a new direction in Las Vegas as the Nevada Gaming Control Board has agreed allow Olympic sports betting:

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has signed off on the plan to let Nevada sports books take action on the Olympics. The idea moves over to the state Gaming Commission, which is expected to give the final OK on Feb. 26.

Nevada regulators have the power to prevent betting on certain events, namely those scored by judges. Nevada sports books will also obviously have the ability to pick which Olympic contests make the most sense financially to allow betting on.

Sports betting powerhouses William Hill US and CG Technology were among those behind the Nevada initiative to allow Olympics betting. In 2016, the Summer Games will run in Brazil.

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