Florida Restaurant and Hotel Lobby Join the Opposition to Newly Proposed Gambling Expansion Bill

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the recent bill proposed by the Florida House to essentially ignore the Seminole Gambling compact and instead authorize mega Las Vegas style resort casinos among other gambling expansion around the state.   The opposition to the introduction of the bill was immediate and now the Florida Restaurant and Hotel Lobby has come out against this gambling expansion. The Saint Peters Blog explains:

The *Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association *– a group with outsized importance in our state’s tourism-centric economy — issued a statement Tuesday excoriating the *proposal* released yesterday by House Majority Leader *Dana Young*.

“We will continue to fight this legislation, along with any other measure that seeks to expand gambling under the false pretense that it will bring additional jobs, attract more tourists, and increase Florida’s tax base,” said FRLA President and CEO *Carol Dover*. “Florida currently enjoys record number of tourists, and provides a strong [return on investment] on tourism and hospitality dollars. We are confident legislators won’t be fooled by casino operators’ false arguments.”

Dover wasn’t the only industry critic of the new legislative package. A pair of stakeholders took turns teeing off on the bill, portraying dark ramifications were it to become law.

“Florida’s tourism industry is predicated on pristine beaches, family-friendly attractions, and world-class and unique hotels and restaurants,” said 2015 FRLA President *Andrew Reiss*, who also owns Andrew’s Capital Grill & Bar and Andrew’s 228 in Tallahassee. “To believe for one moment that our state needs to establish so-called destination resorts as an economic development measure, when other states have seen firsthand the harm done to local economies, is a cautionary tale that Floridians would be wise to adhere.”

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