UPDATE: Efforts to Pass Resort Gambling Casinos though the Florida Legislature Ends

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to expand gambling in Florida by way of new Vegas-style Resort Casinos. As previously reported the gambling expansion bill that was proposed by the Florida legislature looked to be a hard sell. Resent opposition came from many sources and it appears those efforts have paid off. An online source provided the Associated Press’ report: 

A push to bring Las Vegas-styled resort casinos to South Florida is once again being rejected by the state Legislature.

The idea was a long shot from the start, but a top House Republican on Tuesday filed a revamped gambling proposal that drops any mention of casinos.

House Majority Leader Dana Young kicked off the 60 day session with a proposal to upend the state’s entire gambling industry. It called for two massive casinos in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, while allowing slot machines at racetracks in Palm Beach and Lee counties.

 But the proposal, which also called for setting up a new commission to regulate gambling, failed to gain any traction among either Republican or Democratic legislators.

Young said her initial 300-plus page bill was a “work in progress,” but now she viewed her latest proposal (HB 1233) as the “final consensus product” reached after discussing gambling issues with other legislators.

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