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Florida District Court of Appeals to Hear Key Gambling Expansion Slot Machine License Case

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the various ways Florida has faced gambling expansion this year. From full-blown, mega-resort, Vegas-style casinos to simple slot expansion referendums, Florida has been facing gambling expansion pressures on all levels. Now, the courts will represent a skate in gambling expansion as a key slots expansion issue reaches the Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals. The issue centers on whether or not Gadsden County has the ability to issue a slots license. Grenta Gaming, a pari-mutuel facility says yes, and the Florida Attorney Generals Office says no. The Saint Peters Blog explains:

The Tallahassee-based *1st District Court of Appeals* will hear arguments Wednesday afternoon regarding whether or not the Gadsden County pari-mutuel facility *Gretna Gaming* should be issued a state license to operate new slot machines.

Blocking its implementation is an opinion issued by the office of Attorney General *Pam Bondi*, who ruled that the referendum contradicts state law.

In a January 2012 letter, Bondi said the referendum was “non-binding,” because the operative department that would implement the slots “is not authorized to issue a slot machine license to a pari-mutuel facility in a county which … holds a countywide referendum to approve such machines, absent a statutory or constitutional provision.” 

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