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Florida Gov Signs Law that Aids Enforcement of Internet Café Ban

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing fight in Florida to stop illegal gambling known as internet cafes. They are effectively mini-casinos or slot machine parlors operating in normal, everyday locations and business. Federal and State authorities worked together to bring down a multi-million dollar operation and then the Legislator sent a clear message that these gambling cafes needed shut down. There was criticism that the law was too broad and that even family friendly games, like those at Chuck E. Cheese, were possibly illegal. This lead many law enforcement agencies to allow many internet cafes to continue to operate. Now, CBS Miami is reporting that Florida Gov. Scott has signed new legislation into law that fixes those issues and should lead to better enforcement and more protection for Florida families from internet cafes: 

Two years after state lawmakers effectively shut down Internet cafes across the state, Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill aimed at making sure that businesses such as Dave & Buster’s and Chuck E. Cheese’s are not inadvertently affected.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jay Trumbull, R-Panama City, was dubbed the “Family Amusement Games Act” and provides detailed guidelines for the use of amusement games and machines.

Lawmakers said during this spring’s regular legislative session that the bill would provide certainty to businesses such as Dave & Buster’s and Chuck E. Cheese’s. Lawmakers moved quickly in 2013 to pass a measure targeting Internet cafes, which had spread across the state and were accused of allowing computer-based illegal gambling.

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