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U.S Sen. Adapts Amendment to Study Problem Gambling at US Military Facilities

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing dangers of gambling addition experienced by slot machines and other prominent forms of gambling. Problem gambling is most often linked to slot machines as their very nature and design seeks to addict and pull in gamblers. Its often taken for granted that places that offer legalized gambling are also providing safety measures to protect the vulnerable. Unfortunately, one area where that is simply not the case is on US military bases. The Department of Defense operates a significant amount of slot machines which bring in a whopping $100 Million plus in revenues. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is leading efforts to ensure military men and women are adequately protected. An online source explains that she introduced an amendment that was adopted by the Senate that could lead to important findings:

The U.S. Senate on Thursday adopted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, calling for the Government Accountability Office to study whether additional resources are needed to help members of the armed forces who struggle with gambling addictions.

“If the military is going to operate gambling facilities that bring in tens of millions of dollars in revenue, it also needs to ensure there is adequate prevention, treatment, and financial counseling available for servicemembers struggling with gambling addictions,” said Warren, D-Massachusetts.

“By examining the risk of problem gambling among servicemembers and the resources currently available, this amendment is an important first step in helping members of the armed forces and their families who are affected by problem gambling,” Warren said.

Studies consistently find gambling addiction rates among active-duty servicemembers and veterans are significantly higher than the general population according to the National Council on Problem Gambling. An estimated 36,000 active-duty members of the military meet criteria for a gambling problem, the Washington-based organization reports.

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