Brief Look at Crime 08/03 – 08/09

Two former Big Lot employees accused of stealing over $450,000 from dealership

Two former employees of a Moorhead- and Detroit Lakes-based auto dealership are accused of embezzling more than $450,000 from the dealership. The co-owner of Big Lot contacted Moorhead police in May 2014 to report that he and his employees had started wondering why the businesses weren’t making any money, and discovered Larson and Cambronne had stolen more than $300,000, according to court documents filed with the charges. In his police interview, Cambronne told police he suffered from a gambling problem. He admitted to taking money from Big Lot, but didn’t think it was as much as police were telling him. The company’s cash shortage amounted to $450,815.80, with $254,292.52 of that linked to Cambronne’s bank accounts, documents state.

Batman-obsessed Georgia sheriff stole taxpayer money to gamble, shot real estate agent friend

The residents of Clayton County, Georgia, best knew Hill as a man with an odd obsession with Batman. A fixture in the community, Hill was known for the large Batman statue guarding his office and handing out custom-made medallions bearing his face on one side and the Batman logo on the other. For Hill, who’s campaigned under the monicker of “The Crimefighter,” the superhero obsession wasn’t just a little quirk. Since the beginning of his trial, Hill’s withdrawn from the public eye and repeatedly denied requests from the media for comment, but an investigation by a local news outlet has revealed that his obsession with the Bruce Wayne lifestyle is actually much more intense than previously thought.Records of Hill’s finances during his time as a sheriff reveal that he’s expensed a number of big-ticket trips across the country to hotels and casinos under the guise of attending professional development courses. Hill attended several martial arts workshops and survivalist conventions in addition to buying friends expensive gifts and dinners. All of this spending was done with taxpayer dollars. “Victor Hill has had a laundry list of questionable activity,” Ryan Splitlog, assistant director of Common Cause Georgia, told The Daily Beast. Clayton County Police Department Sheriff Victor Hill is under investigation for his involvement in the accidental, but brutal, shooting of his friend Gwenevere McCord, a local real estate agent. Hill shot McCord while she was showing a model home this past May. “With the freak shooting and all this wasteful spending, it makes you question whether he should be Clayton County sheriff.”

$2 million seized from Ohio casino winners for child support 

Ohio authorities say they have seized $2 million in unpaid child support from jackpot winners at the state’s casinos and racinos in the past 11 months. Since last September, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has been working with the casinos and racinos to check jackpot winners against a database of parents who owe child support. If a winner owes, then all or part of the jackpot is withheld. The agency says Ohio’s county child support enforcement offices collect 69 percent of all child support owed, better than the national average of 64 percent. Ohio consistently ranks in the top five of all states for collections on current support due, and exceeds the national average for establishing paternity.

Zimbabwean Stole $255K in Canada for Gambling

A Zim diasporan based in Calgary, Canada has been nabbed for multiple charges of fraudulently enriching himself to sums up to $255,000. Simbarashe Nzvimbo (29) is listed for allegedly forging bank drafts he “stole” from a bank he worked at. He was charged after his employer contacted the Police late in July and reported that “they had discovered a theft of bank drafts, and that the drafts had been forged and used to obtain large sums of money at a local casino,” police said on Wednesday. They have since have charged him with money laundering after bank drafts were stolen, forged and used to obtain large sums of money at a local casino.

5 years for Nifty Fifty’s CPA who stole $3.8M, evaded $2.2M in taxes 

William Frio, 58, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for helping the Nifty Fifty´s restaurant chain evade $2.2 million in taxes and stealing $3.8 million from the chain´s owners.William Frio, 58, was sentenced to five years in federal prison for helping the Nifty Fifty’s restaurant chain evade $2.2 million in taxes and stealing $3.8 million from the chain’s owners. To his family and friends, William Frio was a devoted son, diligent coach and dedicated mentor. But according to his defense attorney, at the same time Frio was held in such high regard, he was an “addicted, desperate mess of a man.” Prosecutors used plainer language. They called Frio a liar, a cheater, and an embezzler who “lived a life of insistent criminality.” Frio fed his personal gambling addiction by draining the chain’s tax accounts of nearly $4 million. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Mary A. McLaughlin sentenced Frio to five years in federal prison for his role in the tax evasion scheme.

Ringleaders of violent gambling racket sentenced on eve of football season 

The ringleaders of Macho Sports, an international gambling operation that often used threats of violence to get its customers to pay, are scheduled to be sentenced on Friday — but one person believes the government is letting them off easy. Jan Harald Portocarrero, 42, and his brother, Erik, 44, the masterminds behind the Peru-based operation, were indicted in June 2013 on racketeering and gambling charges — along with 16 other members of Macho Sports, including bookies and runners. While courts papers allege the two used intimidation and violence, especially against customers delinquent on making payments, the San Diego US Attorney has asked for sentences of less than three years for the duo. “These dangerous criminals are only being put in prison for a minimal amount of time when clearly they should be in jail and off the streets for a very long time,” the person said. “Justice will definitely not be served if that is all the time these two ruthless and cunning criminals receive.” As part of their May 2015 guilty pleas, the brothers agreed to forfeit nearly $12 million in cash, property and other valuables.

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