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Daily Fantasy Sports Violate Florida Law

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing evolution of how daily fantasy sports (DFS) is being viewed as gambling. It was last reported that companies like Draft Kings and FanDuel are starting to lobby in Florida in hopes of ensuring DFS stays legal on both federal and state levels. It appears that as of now, federal law could be interpreted to say DFS are legal. However, Florida law would seem to indicate its illegal, and that is where major players in the DFS industry physically reside. A local NBC news affiliate reports:

If you play fantasy football in Florida, you may be breaking the law as it may be considered gambling. At the federal level, fantasy football is legal, but Florida law considers it illegal to wagers under contest of skill.

Attorney Robson Powers said the sport could qualify as gambling based on how you argue contest of skill.Attorney General Bob Butterworth found fantasy football was in violation of Florida statutes in 1991. Not much has changed since then as his opinion hasn’t been enforced in nearly a decade.

“I think people should know there is a potential to be prosecuted for this type of activity and that just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it legal,” said Powers.

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