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A Brief Look at Crime 11/2 – 11/8

The Gamblers Shot Dead over Gambling Related Disputes

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lolo Mangena said a group of men were playing dice on Tuesday when an argument suddenly erupted, Rekord North reported. “A gambler who had allegedly lost a lot of money during the gambling had a quarrel with another gambler. One produced a firearm and shot the other. The victim tried to run to his car after being shot but fell down and died,” added Mangena. Police and emergency services were called to the scene. “Unfortunately the victim was certified dead at the scene. We found him lying on the ground with a gun wound to his lower right chest. One spent cartridge was found,” said Mangena.

In a separate incident, a 23-year-old man and his father were shot and killed after a fight broke out at Matlala Tavern in Block T of Soshanguve, Pretoria, in July.  Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Lolo Mangena said a group of men were gambling at a tavern when suddenly a fight broke out. Apparently the 23-year-old son’s money was taken from him by a fellow gambler. “The man then called his father, and a few minutes later his father came to confront the alleged perpetrator. During the confrontation, the father was shot three times in the chest, and when his son tried to get involved, he was shot twice. Both of them died on the scene,” Mangena added.

J.P. Morgan Adviser Admits Stealing $22 Million From Clients

A former J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. investment adviser on Thursday admitted to stealing roughly $22 million of his clients’ funds, in part to cover personal expenses. The adviser, Michael Oppenheim, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to one count of embezzlement and one count of securities fraud, according to the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. According to federal prosecutors, Mr. Oppenheim defrauded multiple clients over a seven-year period. He claimed to have invested their money in low-risk municipal bonds and sent doctored account statements purportedly showing profits earned on those investments. However, he was using the clients’ money for his own personal benefit—including to pay for a home loan, bills and, according to his lawyer, gambling—and to pay back other investors. Mr. Shechtman said that compulsive gambling was at the root of the case but declined to elaborate. He noted that Mr. Oppenheim’s last words to the judge were, “I wish I’d been caught earlier.”

 Gambler who spun ‘web of deceit’ to steal £120,000 from family is jailed

A fraudster who stole more than £120,000 from his in-laws has been imprisoned for five years after leaving his family “decimated,” a judge said. He took a total of £120,573 from his wife’s parents and elderly grandmother, who lives in a care home, through what both the prosecution and the defence referred to as an elaborate “web of deceit”. Mr Dominic Bush, prosecuting, said that the fraud had left his family “living a hand-to-mouth existence. “His wife would suck on ice cubes to keep the hunger pangs at bay while he was spending all the family’s money. [His father-in-law] wasn’t able to go to the dentist, and so went three years with an untreated dental condition. Between 2010 and 2015, Jacobs deceived and scared his family into handing him full control of their finances to fund his gambling addiction, which saw the former Borehamwood eruv committee member visit a casino 2,000 times in the space of eight years.

Fraudster stole $800K from investors to live lavish, gambling lifestyle

He tried to avoid going to prison at the last minute, and now fraudster Steven Vincent Weeres has filed an appeal from his prison cell. The 56-year-old wants a do-over of his seven-week long trial — but would like it in front of a jury this time if his appeal succeeds. His notice of appeal, listing his current address as the Prince Albert Penitentiary, was recently filed with the province’s top court. With promises that they could double their money, investors bought units of inventory of Master Keys to Success, a software training program. The units were to be held by the company and sold to large corporate customers, but that never happened. Rather, some $800,000 in investors’ money that flowed through the corporate accounts was used largely to support Weeres’ lifestyle, including family vacations, rent on a luxurious beachfront home on Vancouver Island, dining out, booze and gambling.

St. Ann mother charged with leaving infant in car while she gambled in Alton casino

A St. Ann woman has been charged with leaving her 7-month-old son in the back seat of her car while she went gambling inside the Argosy Casino. Police say Timeka D. Coleman-Jones, 28, left her infant strapped in a car seat Sunday afternoon while the mother was inside the casino until someone in the parking lot saw the baby and notified security. One of the car’s rear windows was left open about an inch, authorities said. Police believe the baby was left unattended in the car for about 20 minutes. [Fortunately], he boy was not hurt.

 Woman accused of stealing $1 million from law firm

A Will County woman already serving time for stealing from her job at a flooring company is due to stand trial in February on charges that she stole $1 million from a law firm based in Naperville and Oak Brook where she kept the books. Authorities say Leanna Kelty, 55, formerly of Wilmington, created a dummy corporation and over a six-year period diverted money from the law firm’s accounts to fund a lifestyle replete with boats and expensive vehicles. DuPage County Judge Robert Miller on Thursday set a Feb. 16 trial date for Kelty, who is already serving a four-year prison term after pleading guilty this summer in Will County on charges she embezzled money from the flooring company that hired her after she quit her law firm job. In that letter, Kelty describes herself as a mother of three and loving grandmother who is “afraid and ashamed” by what she had done. “What I did was wrong and selfish, even though circumstances pushed me there,” wrote Kelty, who said she stole money to cover her husband’s medical bills and then tried to recoup it through gambling.

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