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A Brief Look at Crime 02/29 – 03/06

Refused gambling money, man sets wife ablaze 

Outraged at being refused money for a game of gambling, a man from an Etah village poured kerosene and set his wife on fire at their residence on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday. The man, identified as 26-year-old Sittu who is a resident of Mohala Banjara of Sarai Aghat in Etah district, was nabbed by local residents when he tried to kill his daughter and flee. Their neighbours rescued the daughter. The victim, identified as 25-year-old Suman, has suffered 80% burn injuries and is in a critical condition. Speaking to TOI, station in-charge of Naya Gaon, Suresh Singh said: “The accused (Sittu) is an alcoholic and gambler. On Friday night, he lost nearly Rs 8,000 while playing poker, after which he went to Suman and asked her to lend him some money, so that he could win back the money he had lost that night.” “On refusing to pay, Sittu assaulted Suman, he then dragged her out of their home and poured kerosene and set her ablaze. According to local residents, he even tried to kill his six-month-old daughter, who was saved by their neighbours,” the police officer said.

Woman’s body found at bottom of Vegas hotel laundry chute 

Police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found over the weekend at the bottom of a laundry chute at the tallest hotel-casino in downtown Las Vegas. Officer Michael Rodriguez said Monday homicide detectives were summoned early Sunday after the woman was found dead at the D Las Vegas on Fremont Street. Rodriguez says the case is being investigated as a suspicious death. The woman’s name and how she died weren’t immediately made public. The 34-story D Las Vegas has almost 640 rooms. It was known for many years as Fitzgeralds.

Man Charged With Stabbing Miami Cop in The Face at Casino 

A man accused of stabbing a Miami police officer in the face at the Magic City Casino pleaded not guilty to a second-degree murder charge Friday. Jose Carvajal-Lopez was in court Friday to enter the plea in the Jan. 21 incident. He’s expected back in court Monday and his trial could begin as early as May. Witnesses said Carvajal-Lopez attacked the officer and stabbed him in the face, forcing the cop to fire his gun once and sending Carvajal-Lopez to the hospital. The officer was also hospitalized.

Man sentenced to 21 months in prison for stealing over $1 million from foundation

A 43-year-old man was sentenced to 21 months in prison for stealing over $1 million from a Washington private charitable foundation where he once worked. According to a Department of Justice release, Byron Fogan worked as an executive director of the Oasis Foundation, and pled guilty last November to one count of money laundering involving the laundering of $220,000 of proceeds in an embezzlement scheme. Fogan will have three years of supervised release, and has to pay $223,568 as compensation to the Oasis Foundation and a penalty financial judgment of $223,568. Fogan illegally obtained over $1 million from the foundation from Jan. 2011 to May 2013, and spent the money at casinos, according to the release. The release says Fogan had seven illegal transactions over $10,000 which added up to over $200,000.

Hastings lawyer pleads guilty in $1.4M scam

A Hastings-on-Hudson lawyer has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a scam to bilk clients out of more than $1.4 million, officials said. Michael Lippman pleaded guilty on Monday to felony counts of second-degree grand larceny, second-degree criminal tax fraud and first-degree scheme to defraud, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office said. Lippman, a former Yonkers resident, stole money that had been intended for various purposes, including transferring property and estate planning for clients. His attorney, Murray Richman, said in September that his client had a severe gambling problem that ruined his life. Richman said at the time that Lippman was broke and sleeping in his office. Authorities had also accused Lippman of failing to pay more than $50,000 in taxes to the state.

Bingo owners indicted on fraud, gambling charges 

The owners of Racetrack Bingo in Fort Walton Beach have been charged by federal authorities with conspiracy to commit fraud, illegal gambling and the theft of millions of dollars from local charities. The indictment states the Masinos conspired to obtain approximately $5.8 million in “criminally derived property” by defrauding a coalition of charities through exorbitant rent and fees for the use of their bingo hall. “Larry L. Masino and Dixie L. Masino operated Racetrack Bingo Inc. in violation of the bingo statute in order to gain profit for themselves and their children,” the indictment reads. The Masinos also were indicted individually on numerous money laundering charges. Larry Masino faces 18 counts of depositing profits obtained through illegal activities into a “profit distribution” account that benefited him, Dixie and their three children. The total he deposited was $661,610, according to the indictment.

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