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A Brief Look at Crime 03/21 – 03/27

Heart-breaking moment three-year-old helps her mother count cash after she was just SOLD

A Chinese mother who sold her two daughters illegally to compensate for mounting debts was caught on camera counting the cash in front of one of the oblivious little girls. Long Baoxin, who hails from Heng County in central China, attempted to traffick her daughters separately for a combined 32,000 Yuan (£3,500) in order to pay off gambling debts. The trafficker is now on trial for her crimes after the father of the children alerted authorities. Some of her illegal gains were used to pay off the debts, and used the remainder to continue to gamble. Before she fell into her money-spinning addiction, she and her partner of seven years, identified by his surname Su, had funds to enjoy a frugal life.

Mrcales group home operator in KC admits to $400,000 tax evasion  

Dedree Carlisle of Kansas City, operator of several group homes for mentally and physically handicapped residents, pleaded guilty to a tax evasion scheme worth nearly $400,000. Carlisle owned and operated several group home health care businesses at multiple locations in Kansas City since 2005. The original business was called Carlisle – Garden of Peace, but was changed to Mracles Residential Care in 2009. Mracles leased several homes in residential neighborhoods under contracts with the Missouri Department of Social Services, and had between 12 and 20 employees. Carlisle also admitted to using funds debited directly from business accounts to feed a heavy gambling habit at Kansas City-area casinos, including the 7th Street Casino in Kansas City, Kan., where records show she had winnings of $320,200 in 2010, $145,200 in 2009 and $29,219 in 2008.

Offshore Gambling Site Laundered $2 Million in Amazon Gift Cards

The operators of an offshore gambling website used Amazon gift cards to launder nearly $2 million over the past few years, a Department of Homeland Security investigator alleged in a recent application for a seizure warrant filed in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The filing alleges that the Costa Rica-based gambling site, 5Dimes, instructed U.S. customers to use Amazon gift cards to fund their 5Dimes sports betting, in an effort to skirt the U.S. financial system. The feds say 5Dimes also paid out winnings to U.S. customers in Amazon gift cards, or in merchandise they picked out on Amazon.com. The Homeland Security warrant application makes the case to seize a total of $159,000 spread among 15 Amazon accounts believed to be tied to 5Dimes. Over the years, the Amazon accounts, which bear names such as GC Lover and Blue Iguana, have held nearly $1.9 million in funds combined. Amazon has shut down the GC Lover account, according to the filing.

Louisville attorney pleads guilty to wire fraud and money laundering, must pay back $1.6 million

Louisville attorney David Cary Ford pleaded guilty to federal counts of wire fraud and money laundering in U.S. District Court on Monday, a week after being charged by the Western District of Kentucky’s U.S. Attorney’s Office. Ford’s conviction stems from unlawful withdrawals of almost $1.7 million from seven estates in Louisville for which he was the executor. He then used those funds “for personal expenses and enjoyment, including significant gambling activities, instead of using the funds as designated by the decedents of those estates.” “Attorneys are professionally and ethically bound to serve their clients’ best interests,” stated U.S. Attorney John Kuhn in a press release announcing Ford’s guilty plea. “We simply cannot tolerate attorneys or any other fiduciaries using their positions of trust to steal from those they are obligated to protect. This prosecution serves the principle of justice and vindicates the breach of a trust that is an absolutely essential component of a multitude of professional relationships.”

Woman who stole $530K from work addicted to slots 

The attorney for a central Pennsylvania woman charged with stealing $530,000 from two insurance agencies says she’s addicted to slot machines. Attorney Herbert Goldstein says 65-year-old Diane Fabian is cooperating with authorities and undergoing counseling for the gambling that fueled the thefts from Woolf Strite Insurance and Don Jacobs Insurance in Lower Paxton Township. She waived her right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday and must now stand trial or work out a plea deal with Dauphin County prosecutors. Authorities say she stole $195,000 from Jacobs since January 2011. That firm is buying out Woolf Strite where Fabian worked for 36 years and allegedly stole another $334,000 from 2008 until 2010. Goldstein says Fabian is apologetic and lost the money she stole playing slots, mostly at the Hollywood Casino in Grantville.

Former police officer attempted suicide after assaulting wife

A FORMER Latvian police officer tried to kill himself when he was overcome with remorse after assaulting his estranged wife in her Rugby home.And Warwick Crown Court heard that Imants Straupe would have died without the medical attention he received after the police turned up to arrest him. Prosecutor Andrew Baker said the couple were Russian-speaking Latvians who had lived with their two children at a flat in Oliver Street. But there were elements of controlling behaviour by Straupe towards his wife which included monitoring her internet access. He also had a gambling habit on which he spent much of their household money, as well as getting hold of some of his wife’s personal funds to gamble away.

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