Florida Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Key Gambling Expansion Case

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing Florida Supreme Court case involving slot machine expansion in Gadsden County. The local voters affirmed a ballot initiative to allow slot machines at Grenta Racing Track. At issue is the fact the Florida Legislature made slot machine law very clear when the explicitly made all slot machines illegal unless expressly allowed by State Law. The States claim is simply that communities cant simply vote to have gambling in their neighborhood without express permission by the legislature. The gambling expansion implications are huge for Florida. The Court recently  asked for written briefs and now they are setting dates for oral arguments. The St. Peters Blog reports: 

The Florida Supreme Court has set June 7 as the date it will hear oral argument in a case on expanding slot machines in the state. A favorable ruling by the court could expand slot machines to all six counties where voters passed slots referendums: Brevard, Gadsden, Hamilton, Lee, Palm Beach, and Washington. Opponents, such as No Casinos and former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, have said slots are illegal “lotteries” banned by the state constitution unless expressly permitted by law.

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