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Congressional Committee to Take Up Daily Fantasy Sports Issue

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on the newest form of sports gambling known as Daily Fantasy Sports. Also known as DFS, it’s an industry that very clearly represents sports gambling, and many states have either clarified their state rules to inform the industry that DFS is illegal, or have decided it represents gambling with no protection for players and they have decided to regulate the industry. The two most prominent companies involved, DraftKings and FanDuel, have even tried to proactively pass internal regulations in hopes of avoiding wide-scale government regulations. However, with the industry coming under fire from so many sources, including not only states, but also the FBI and the US Attorney general, its no surprise that Congress has decided to take a strong look at the issues at hand. An online source reports:  

A senior Democratic Energy and Commerce source has confirmed to Legal
Sports Report that the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and
Trade is planning a May 11 hearing on daily fantasy sports. That committee is housed within the Energy and Commerce Committee, chaired by *Fred Upton* (R-MI). *Frank Pallone* (D-NJ) is the ranking Democratic member.

There is *no active legislation* at the federal level that addresses daily fantasy sports. According to the source, the subcommittee will examine the *nature of DFS* as a product and the *current legal status* of the product. Ongoing legislative developments at the state level, consumer protection issues, and the potential role of the federal government will also be topics on the table.

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