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A Brief Look at Crime 04/18 – 04/24

Former Sparks Nugget ownership fined $1 million over money laundering violations 

The former ownership of the Nugget casino in Sparks has been hit with a $1 million civil penalty for “egregiously and willfully” violating anti-money laundering requirements, according to federal officials. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, also known as FinCEN, today announced the penalty against Sparks Nugget Inc., the entity that owned the casino prior to its sale in 2013. FinCEN also detailed numerous shortcomings in the Nugget’s efforts to combat money laundering, which is governed by strict requirements from the Bank Secrecy Act. But the bureau did detail a variety of ways in which it said the Nugget’s anti-money laundering efforts fell far short. For example, a Nugget employee responsible for managing compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act was “routinely disregarded” by managers, the penalty assessment from FinCEN said. The assessment also said the Nugget suffered from a “blatant disregard” for anti-money laundering compliance, an attitude that “permeated all levels” of the casino, according to FinCEN.

Man killed by Laguna officer at casino

A search warrant filed by an FBI agent says a Laguna police officer was shot during a scuffle with a suspect and the officer then returned fire, fatally striking a 20-year-old man at a casino last month.Family members previously identified Mario Sandoval as the man who was killed. The warrant says that Pueblo of Laguna Police Department officer Peter Tanzilli approached Sandoval and another man in the casino parking lot because the 1996 silver Lexus they were in was reported stolen. Sandoval was the suspect in the vehicle theft. As Tanzilli approached the two men, he drew his weapon and told them to “get on the ground.” One man ran away and Tanzilli took Sandoval down to the ground, according to the warrant. The warrant says Sandoval struggled as Tanzilli tried to handcuff him. Sandoval turned onto his back, pulled out a handgun and shot Tanzilli in the left pelvic region. The officer fell to the ground and shot and killed Sandoval.

Owner of Rudee Inlet Jet Ski, Adventure Parasail to be sentenced for not paying $1 million in taxes


When approached by the IRS in 2012 about unpaid taxes, the owner of two popular Oceanfront businesses that cater to tourists pleaded poverty, according to court documents. David A. Parker, 50, claimed he couldn’t pay the $150,000 in back taxes the IRS was seeking – even though the agency was trying to cut him a deal. The owner of Rudee Inlet Jet Ski and Adventure Parasail told the revenue officer he had no money and no income. Ten days later, Parker purchased nearly $30,000 in chips at a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida. A month later, he spent nearly $20,000 gambling at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, N.J. Parker, of Virginia Beach, is set to be sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Norfolk on charges he failed to pay more than $1 million in back taxes between 2005 and 2011.

Billionaire tycoon facing jail over £2.2m Ritz gambling debt

A billionaire businessman who has failed to pay a £2.2million debt racked up at the Ritz casino should be jailed for ten months, a top judge has ruled. Safa Abdulla Al Geabury, 52, claimed the casino should have stopped him playing as he is a known gambling addict, telling the High Court: “the Devil made me”. However, his argument was rejected last year as “deliberately dishonest” and the property tycoon was ordered him to pay back the money.The judge said there is “evidence of enormous capital wealth” and refused to adjourn the hearing, saying Al Geabury could have attended if he wanted to. He said despite Al Geabury being abroad, there was no reason why the court should not impose a prison sentence. “I’m sure on all the evidence that the defendant was well aware of the obligations to provide information as to his worldwide assets”, said the judge.

Philippine Casinos Targeted by Government Officials Trying to Recoup Stolen Money

The Solaire is one of two Philippine casinos involved in a successful $81 million heist, and government officials are racing to find and clean up the dirty money alleged to be in possession of numerous individuals and entities. Two Philippine casinos and their parent companies are being targeted by government leaders trying to recoup the $81 million in stolen funds hackers swindled in February from a bank account held by Bangladesh at the New York Federal Reserve in Manhattan. A total of $101 million was successfully withdrawn though $20 million was recovered by Bangladesh’s central bank. Philippine’s Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) is expected to soon file a case against the Solaire Resort & Casino and Midas Hotel & Casino for their reported roles in introducing dirty money into the country.

Iowa Hot Lotto Fraudster’s Brother Arrested, New Details of $1.2M Scam Emerge 

The brother of Iowa Hot Lotto scammer Eddie Tipton has been charged with ongoing criminal conduct, thanks to a new forensic breakthrough in the case. Tommy Tipton, 51, a former justice of the peace and reserve police officer from Flatonia, Texas, was arrested for his role in claiming fixed jackpots in Colorado and Oklahoma that allegedly netted him $1.2 million. He reportedly handed himself in to police and has since been released on bail. His brother Eddie, the former director of information security at the Multi-State Lottery Corporation, was convicted last year of rigging the $16.5 million Iowa Hot Lotto draw in 2010. Documents detailing the criminal complaint against Tommy Tipton state that the brothers were part of a network that claimed six rigged jackpots in five separate states over a number of years.

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