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A Brief Look at Crime 7/4-7/10

NSW bans greyhound racing after ‘mass slaughter’ of up to 70,000 dogs 

NSW has dramatically banned greyhound racing after an inquiry uncovered horrific new evidence of cruelty, the unnecessary “mass slaughter” of up to 70,000 dogs and a conspiracy within the sport’s former governing body to conceal mistreatment. It also found significant evidence of doping, including forced use of EPO, steroids, caffeine and amphetamines — and claimed 136 dogs a year suffer “catastrophic” injuries during races, resulting in death. One trainer also drowned puppies after they were judged to not “have the instinct to chase”. Premier Mike Baird described former High Court Judge Michael McHugh’s report, stemming from a Special Commission of Inquiry into last year’s live baiting scandal, as “chilling, confronting, it’s horrific” and said the “only humane response” was to shut the industry down. “He has shone on a light an industry that has overseen the slaughter of tens of thousands of healthy dogs whose only crime was they weren’t fast enough,” Mr Baird added. “He’s also shown an industry which has turned a blind eye to the barbaric practice of live-baiting “He’s shown that the industry has a culture of deception. The Commissioner has found that it is no longer entitled to the trust of the community.”

Prosecutors: Man gambled away money stolen from school district  

Keith Kristek admitted today that he stole more than $1 million from the Ambridge Area School District and another $46,000 from the borough of Baden while acting as tax collector. Federal prosecutors said he gambled it away. “We were unable to recover any assets at this point,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee Karl. Kristek, 57, a former constable from Baden and the acting tax collector since 2007, waived indictment by grand jury before U.S. District Judge Arthur Schwab and pleaded to mail fraud and filing a false tax return. Kristek acted as the tax collector for the district and the borough because the elected tax collector in Baden — his wife, Cynthia Kristek — could not get a performance bond that tax collectors need. Starting in 2007 he took over for her and began swindling taxpayers. Mr. Karl said Kristek stole $320,000 from people who delivered taxes in person and another $740,000 in checks made payable to his wife. Kristek forged her signature and deposited the money into his account. 

4 charged in probe of gambling ring that had $1B in wagers  

An internet bookmaking operation based in Costa Rica took in nearly a billion dollars in illegal wagers on NFL games last season alone, New York City prosecutors said Thursday. Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson made the allegation while announcing corruption enterprise and other charges against four men from California and New York. According to court papers, the ring took bets on pro football, college sports, soccer and other athletic events from thousands of gamblers using various websites since April 2015. They say bets last season on pro football totaled $927 million. The alleged ringleader, Gordon Mitchnick of Laverne, California, ran the operation out of a “wire room” in San Jose, Costa Rica, prosecutors said. He laundered some of the proceeds by buying 20 houses, they said.

Big YouTubers Accused Of Setting Up Gambling For Kids 

The site essentially lets you buy keys with real money that then open chests that somewhat randomly outputs /CS:GO/ skins, some of which can be worth up to the thousands of dollars. Sounds like a slot machine, right? It kind of is, but the item output isn’t money (despite outputting items that can be sold for money), kind of like how Pachinko loopholes work in Japan. The first problematic thing? Unlike slot machines, there is no age enforced age restriction on the site, essentially creating a place where kids can gamble. Valve have come under-fire for this by Bloomberg for facilitating sites like these, by allowing Steam accounts to be attached to the websites, thus giving you the items. It doesn’t look great. Here is where it gets pretty wild though. ProSyndicate and TmarTn are pretty massive YouTubers with millions of subscribers. Syndicate is one of the biggest UK YouTubers, full stop. Well, they uploaded videos of them winning thousands of dollars in these gambling packages, thus encouraging their users to use the site. The problem? Well, as discovered by HonorTheCall , TmarTn is actually the president of the CSGOLotto, and ProSyndicate is the Vice President, something neither openly disclosed prior to this revelation. Both have acknowledged the controversy with Syndicate releasing this apology, although, if you go on TmarTn’s account he does openly say “LOL” to a meme about enticing minors to gamble.

 $368K theft, suicide at soccer club was gambling-related 

As governments across B.C. ponder expanding casinos, CTV News has learned a suicide after a huge theft from a Victoria-area volunteer soccer association was related to gambling. The B.C. Coroners Service found gambling was one of the risk factors that led the long-time president of the Gorge Soccer Association, Terry Marra, to kill himself just as other members of the club were discovering how much money was missing. “He was a real pillar of the club for a long time. For a lot of people this was a real shock when this happened,” said Andrew Wynn-Williams, a club spokesperson. The agency has recorded Marra’s death as just one of 18 suicides in a four-year period that the agency believes are gambling related, according to documents obtained by CTV News using B.C.’s Freedom of Information Act. It’s a warning, some observers believe, against too quickly embracing the proposed expansion of casinos in Delta, the City of North Vancouver, Saanich, and in Marra’s home of Victoria.

Andrew W.W. Caspersen Pleads Guilty to Stealing Millions From Investors

Andrew W.W. Caspersen, a former Wall Street executive charged with masterminding a Ponzi-like scheme, pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing millions from investors to place risky stock-market bets. Mr. Caspersen pleaded guilty to two criminal counts in Manhattan federal court and admitted to stealing some $38.5 million from family members and close friends while soliciting other investors for millions more. As he fought back tears, Mr. Caspersen said his crimes were committed to fuel a gambling addiction and that virtually all of the stolen money had been gambled away. He will be sentenced at a later date. “The people I harmed were people I cared for most,” Mr. Caspersen told a courtroom packed with family and supporters. “I could not be more sorry or ashamed for my crimes.”

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