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UPDATE: Florida State Challenges Court Ruling on Banked Card Rooms

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of player-banked card games and how the court has now ruled they violate the exclusive agreement Florida has with Seminole Tribe and constitute nothing more than traditional card games. These forms of games were originally allowed several years back and were allowed because they were to be played against players themselves and not the house. However, once it was discovered just how card rooms were actually running these games, the court ruled they were illegal. Now, it appears the State is not happy with the ruling and is looking to appeal. The Sun Sentinel online reported the story: 

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on Thursday took the first step in appealing a judge’s ruling about lucrative “designated player” card games at pari-mutuel facilities across the state.

The department, which regulates gambling facilities, filed a notice in the 1st District Court of Appeal indicating it will challenge an Aug. 26 ruling by Administrative Law Judge E. Gary Early.

In the ruling, Early said the state was wrong to do away with a rule governing the “designated player” games without replacing the regulations. The industry maintains that eliminating the rule, adopted in 2014, would put an end to the games. Regulators proposed doing away with the rule late last year, insisting that the way the games are being conducted — and not the games themselves — violates a state gambling law.

Given the case has such large implication with the Seminole Compact, and it’s a form of gambling so many pari-mutuel facilities have been offering, this will continue to garner attention in the Florida gambling and legislative community.

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