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A Brief Look at Crime 07/17 – 07/23

Horrifying moment gambler kills two people just seconds after losing his £20,000 life savings in a casino

Debt-riddled vet Osvaldo Campos Azocar, 42, went on a terrifying rampage after blowing more than £20,000 in the Monticello casino in Santiago, Chile. Osvaldo Campos Azocar is seen pulling out a weapon moments before shooting dead two people In CCTV footage he is seen standing up from a roulette table before pulling out a weapon and shooting a male dealer and a woman. Police said six others, whose names have not been released, are being treated in hospital. “Eight people were injured, two of them lost their lives”, a spokesperson told local media. After the terrifying shooting Campos locked himself in a bathroom for 17 hours amid fears he was holding hostages.

Tipton pleads guilty to rigging computerized lottery drawings

The cyber security expert and brainpower behind a lottery rigging scandal that netted $2 million in illegal winnings from five state lotteries pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony charge of ongoing criminal conduct charge. For the first time in an Iowa courtroom, Eddie Tipton admitted to playing a central role in the rigging scheme after more than two years of adamant denials in the face of mounting evidence against him. Lottery executives have stated that computerized drawings are easier for them to coordinate and are cheaper to operate — although the actual savings of computerized drawings is suspect, especially when accounting for a drop in sales due to lower player confidence. Tipton’s guilty plea will only create more player distrust. “I wrote software that included code that allowed me to technically predict wining numbers and I gave those numbers to other individuals who then won the lottery and shared those winnings with me,” he said.

Gambling addict jailed for stealing more than £200,000 from sick mother

A CARER who fleeced her sick mother out of more than £200,000 to feed her gambling addiction has been locked up for 15 months. ‘Foolish’ Gillian Bates splurged the cash on online gambling sites Jackpot Joy and Foxy Bingo while her late mother Marjorie Lee battled Alzheimer’s disease in a care home. The 69-year-old trembled in the dock, sobbing as Deputy Circuit Judge John Price criticised her for abusing her position after being given a power of attorney. Mrs Lee was moved to an Abingdon care home, where she was expected to live for five years, after receiving her diagnosis aged 86 in January 2014, prosecutor Cathy Olliver said. Her three children decided her house would be sold to pay the approximate £50,000 annual care home costs, with Bates given the power of attorney and selling the property for £243,000. The fraudster, of Malford Road, Oxford, began making a number of transactions from her mother’s account to her own, transferring a total of £277,100. Bates, who has been working as a carer for the elderly for the past 15 years, sat biting her nails in the dock as Mr Khan revealed her family were unaware of her addiction.

Ex-NFL Player Gets 15 Months for Role in Drugs and Gambling Racket

Derek Loville, a former NFL running back and three-time Super Bowl winner, was sentenced to 15 months in prison on Wednesday for dealing ecstasy and oxycodone for a criminal gang. Loville spent nine years in the NFL in the nineties, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49-ers and the Denver Broncos, winning the Super Bowl with the latter two teams. Hanson was convicted largely on the testimony of professional gambler, Robert J Cipriani, a colorful character who also goes by the name of “Robin Hood 702” because he allegedly gives his winnings to the poor. Cipriani claims he had met Hanson in at the Star Casino in Melbourne and was asked by the latter to launder $2.2 million at the blackjack tables. Hanson told him to play for a while before exchanging his chips into a check. But instead, Cipriani lost the lot and went to the FBI when Hanson demanded his money back. Loville claimed in court this week that he only became aware of the full scale of the operation after Hanson’s arrest and apologized for his actions.

FBI seizes nearly $849,000 in series of Portland raids allegedly tied to illegal gambling

In a series of raids around Portland this spring, the FBI seized nearly $849,000 worth of bank funds, cash and luxury watches which it says are tied to alleged violations of a federal law against running an illegal gambling business. The notice of seizure states the goods were taken “for violation of federal law” and cites a legal provision that allows for the seizure of property used in running illegal gambling businesses. The majority of the feds’ April haul was taken from Mardigan and Nixon, with $500,000 in cash seized from her safety deposit box, more than $104,000 taken from his business bank account, and $143,000 in cash and ten watches valued at more than $19,000 confiscated from their home, according to the forfeiture notice.

Former Hudson Valley Comptroller Charged With Multi-million-Dollar Fraud

A local man, employed by two local companies, is accused of stealing over $2.5 million to fund his gambling and more. The charge comes from an alleged scheme where Cina embezzled over $2.5 million from two Town of Poughkeepsie manufacturing companies where he was comptroller, over the course of at least seven years. One company’s work included a solar-powered ring of lights encircling the top of MetLife Stadium. The other local company molded plastic. Cina had authority to sign checks for the companies and use the companies’ credit cards and ATM cards, officials say. Cina is accused of using the stolen funds to gamble, pay his rent, drive rental cars, dine out, get his car washed, bail out an arrestee and pay a phone charge for an inmate’s call.

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