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A Brief Look at Crime 02/05 – 02/11

Husband and wife in Mass. plead guilty to $1 million illegal gambling scheme

A husband and wife from Massachusetts have pleaded guilty to running an illegal gambling company and laundering more than $1 million in proceeds. The Salem News reports that William and Bonnie Morley, of Middleton, pleaded guilty Tuesday to gambling, money laundering and conspiracy charges. Sixty-two-year-old William Morley has been sentenced to serve six months of a 2 ½ year jail term. His 53-year-old wife will serve three years of probation. Prosecutors say the couple owned a North Andover company called Four Star Vending, and distributed illegal gambling devices to several establishments in Massachusetts and New York. Authorities say Four Star employees collected the proceeds from the machines and shared profits with the Morleys. The Morleys have agreed to forfeit $1.1 million in cash, six cars and dissolve the business.

Kansas woman plans to change plea in $5 million embezzlement

A former Southeast Kansas woman accused of embezzling more than $5 million from a now-defunct credit union has notified the court she plans to change her plea. The federal court filing on Wednesday comes just weeks before Nita Rae Nirschl, 64, was scheduled to go to trial on Jan. 30. The Miami, Oklahoma, woman is accused in an 81-count federal indictment of embezzlement and money laundering. Nirschl worked for Parsons Credit Union from April 17, 2000, to Jan. 24, 2014, when she was interviewed by credit union examiners about her gambling activities, among other things. Nirschl reported that she and her husband had winnings and losses of $16 million in 2012 from gambling. The audit revealed that the embezzlement occurred from 2010 to December 2013. The indictment alleges she deposited money stolen from the credit union into her personal accounts. She withdrew the funds as cash or from ATMs at Harrah’s North Kansas City casino, Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma, The Stables Casino in Miami, Downstream Casino in Quapaw, Oklahoma, Harrah’s News Orleans casino and Harrah’s Lake Tahoe casino.

Arizona hairstylist found guilty of stealing $300K from 94-year-old to gamble

A jury has found an Arizona hairstylist guilty of stealing $300,000 from a 94-year-old woman with dementia. Supranom “Addy” Klos of Tucson, Arizona, was convicted of one count of fraudulent schemes, three counts of theft, one count of fraudulent use of a credit card and one count of unlawful use of power of attorney. According to the office of Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Klos spent the money on a car, dental implants and gambling over four months. The victim was a client of Klos for more than 20 years. When her husband died in 2011, she was given power of attorney, which she exploited to steal the money. Klos will spend at least four years in prison.

After a huge cockfighting bust, L.A. County leaders look to crack down on owning roosters

With at least 8,000 cockfighting birds seized from homes in north Los Angeles County this year, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to look into suggestions on how to limit residents from keeping roosters. Cockfighting is an inhumane crime in which animals are forced to fight to the death for amusement and gain,” they wrote. Other crimes, such as gambling, illegal drugs, weapons, prostitution, and child abuse occur during these fights. The keeping of such large numbers offighting birds creates significant problems of excessive noise, flies, and potential sources of disease such as Avian Flu or Exotic Newcastle Disease. They interfere with residents’ ability to peacefully enjoy their properties and reduce property values.”

Crooked animal charity boss jailed for five years after stealing £640,000

A trusted boss who defrauded an animal charity and blew £640,000 on an online gambling website has been jailed for five years. Price, who admitted 10 offences, and his spouse, who pleaded guilty to five offences, funnelled cash into their personal accounts, leaving the well-established and trusted charity “weakened”, a judge told them. Gambling addict Simon Price, in his role as the charity’s chief executive, diverted cash from legacies left to the dogs’ home, including the sale of a £399,000 house, to feed his escalating habit. The money had been intended to keep animals “safe and warm”, but Birmingham Crown Court heard how Price spent thousands on gambling, trying to recover ever more cash on his losing bets. He himself calculated to police that he had spent £700,000 through his account on the Betfair website from 2009. The judge told him that his actions “while in the grip of a gambling addiction” had “weakened public confidence” in the work of the dogs’ home, damaging its ability to raise the £1.85 million needed each year to keep its doors open.

1 dead, another injured in game room robbery

An attempted armed robbery at an illegal game room in southwest Houston ended in a deadly shootout overnight leaving one suspect dead and the manager injured. According to the Houston Police Department, it happened near Hillcroft and Dunlap. Investigators said in total three people tried to hijack the gambling facility. Police said a woman and a man, both armed, marched in and shootout ensued between them and the manager and a security guard. Another male suspect was on standby in one of their getaway cars, police said. Police said the woman was shot several times and was dragged out by one of her partners before her two accomplices took off in their black Nissan, leaving her behind. She died at the scene, police said. Police had to force their way into the game room, after discovering the manager shot and locked up inside. They said the security guard had already taken off. The manager was taken to a hospital and is now in stable condition. Business owners like Luis Hernandez say this game room has been wreaking havoc, causing a spike in crime in the area.

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