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A Brief Look at Crime 03/12 – 03/18

Man shot dead by police was distressed gambling addict

A man shot by police while waving a two by four on a Vancouver street in 2014 was arrested months before outside a Richmond casino for kicking down garbage cans and displaying homicidal thoughts, a British Columbia coroner’s inquest into the death heard Monday. Tony Du was a “gentle giant” most of the time, but he was also a gambling addict who was banned by Lower Mainland casinos. He still found his way in to lose money, however, prompting stress and anger that added to his chronic schizophrenia, the court heard. “He had lost all of his money, he was angry, he spent quite excessively and he felt guilty that his mother was taking care of him rather than the other way around,” said his psychiatrist, Dr. Soma Ganesan. Du told police at the time of the Richmond incident that he had stopped taking psychiatric medications and was brought to local hospital, the inquest heard, but a report of that incident never made its way to his primary care physician. “Taken by police because he was outside the casino kicking over garbage cans,” Vancouver lawyer Karen Liang read from the record of the incident from July 4, 2014. “Screaming he wanted to kill someone. Police reported incoherent speech, that he said he lived in the sky. He told police he stopped taking psychiatric medications,” she read.

Oroville man accused of threatening casino mass shooting

Deputies arrested an Oroville man Tuesday on charges of threatening a mass shooting and suicide at a casino, according to the Butte County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office said the man, Wade Burnside, 26, sent text messages to a person indicating the shooting would happen before 11 p.m. Tuesday. Deputies learned Burnside had earlier met the person at Gold Country Casino and Hotel in Oroville. The investigation began Tuesday when Yuba City police received a call from a person reporting they had received threatening text messages, according to a news release. Police passed information to the local Sheriff’s Office after learning the person who called police met the suspect at Gold Country Casino.

Norfolk man gets prison after admitting to construction scam

A Norfolk man has been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud related to a construction scam. The Lincoln Journal Star reports 47-year-old Bradley Leffers was sentenced Wednesday to two years in federal prison and ordered to pay restitution of $712,066. He also must serve three years of supervised release. Leffers pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud, and in exchange federal prosecutors dismissed six other counts. The U.S. Attorney’s Office says in 2013 and 2014, Leffers took money from 17 farmers and ranchers with the promise of building metal structures on their property. He took partial payment but didn’t get material or begin construction. Most of the victims were in northeast Nebraska. Leffers lawyer says he got into financial problems and then tried gambling in hopes of hitting it big and repaying his debts.

Former bingo owners guilty of defrauding charities

Larry and Dixie Masino, the former owners of Racetrack Bingo in Fort Walton Beach, were convicted late Wednesday of operating an illegal gambling business and defrauding 10 local charities. A U.S. District Court jury in Pensacola convicted Larry Masino on one count of operating the illegal business, one count of conspiring to commit wire fraud, one count of conspiring to commit money laundering and 18 counts of money laundering. Dixie Masino was convicted along with her ex-husband of operating an illegal gambling business and the two conspiracy charges. However, she was found guilty of 20 counts of money laundering. The indictment stated Larry and Dixie Masino worked together to steal about $5.8 million from the charities between 2006 and 2015. They did so, the indictment charged, by charging exorbitant rents and fees for the use of their bingo hall. The ill-gotten gain was laundered through profit distribution checks that went to the Masinos and their three children as shareholders of Racetrack Bingo, a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Agent in FBI probe into corruption in college basketball accused of misconduct

An undercover FBI agent who played a key role in the investigation into corruption within college basketball has been accused of misusing government money on gambling, food and drinks. According to the Wall Street Journal. the agent played a key role in setting up a number of the coaches who were arrested when news broke of the bribery and corruption scheme last September. Beginning in spring 2017, the agent spent months undercover, however shortly after an undercover meeting in late July 2017, the agent abruptly appeared to stop working on the operation. The absence of the agent was reportedly explained to those involved as an overseas trip, however the Justice Department opened an inquiry into the agent’s behavior at some time last year. If found culpable, the agent’s ability to be a witness in the cases he was part of — including the college basketball case — could be in peril. The undercover agent in question reportedly posed as a business partner of Marty Blazer, the FBI’s cooperating witness in the case, to make coaches believe he was helping funnel money to them in exchange for the business the coaches would bring in after their players turned pro.

Gambling-Obsessed Nanny is sentenced to death after killing mother and her three children

A gambling-obsessed nanny who lost £6,800 in one night was sentenced to death today after setting her employer’s flat on fire during her desperate attempt to find money for her debts, according to a Chinese court. The blaze caused a mother and all of her three children – aged between six and 11 – to be killed last June at their 17th floor home in eastern China. The court said the former nanny, named Mo Huanjing, had intended to set the fire then put it out, hoping her ‘brave act’ could win her middle-class employer’s gratitude. This way, she could expect them to lend money to her. However, the fire went out of control killing the family of four during the wee hours at their four-bedroom home in Hangzhou, a bustling metropolis. The children’s father was reportedly on a business trip, hence survived the tragedy. The nanny managed to escape the fire. The court claimed that Ms Mo was addicted to online gambling games and had been buried under debts. She lost £6,800 after gambling online from the night of June 21 into the early hours of June 22 – right before she decided to set the flat on fire – said the court.

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