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A Brief Look at Crime 03/19 – 03/25

Man fatally shot in head at gambling party

Detroit police are investigating after an unidentified man was found fatally shot in the head and left face-up in the street early Sunday morning on the city’s west side. Police say the shooting took place outside of a gambling party. The homicide took place about 12:10 a.m. on the 14300 block of Sussex, which is north of Grand River and east of Greenfield. The victim, a black male believed to be in his 20s, was wearing a black jacket, gray sweatpants, and black Michael Jordan gym shoes. Police are looking for as many as five suspects, who drove in a gold or creme Chevy Tahoe SUV At least one was armed with a handgun, police say.

Suspect had 60 roosters, cockfighting equipment, drugs, NY authorities say

A man was arrested near New York City on Friday after authorities found him in possession of at least 60 roosters, an injured pit bull, cockfighting equipment and drugs, authorities said. Authorities said they found cocaine and marijuana, in addition to money and drug-packaging materials. In their search of a second location, authorities discovered the birds and cockfighting equipment, at which point the Suffolk County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was called to the scene, Chief Roy Gross said. Authorities seized more than 60 roosters that appeared to have been trained to fight, as well as “fighting paraphernalia” and a fighting ring, an SPCA news release said. The seized equipment included razor blade-like spurs that are attached to the roosters when they fight and “little boxing gloves” that protect the birds when they train, Gross told the Associated Press. “The call it a blood sport,” Gross told the AP. Spectators “want to see the birds cutting each other, seeing the blood, and generally they bleed out. It’s barbaric. They generally fight to the death,” he said.

Man shot and killed at Grant Travel Plaza

According to law enforcement, a Texas man was shot dead Sunday night at the travel plaza of the Choctaw Casino Resort. A confrontation between a patron an two security officers turned deadly when the man pointed his gun at the officers and they returned fire. Tribal security and the FBI are investigating the incident. John Hobbs, Executive Director of Public Safety of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma released a statement on Monday:

“Choctaw Tribal Police and the FBI are currently investigating a shooting that occurred at approximately10:30 p.m. Sunday evening at the Choctaw Travel Plaza in Grant, Okla. “An employee requested security support with an individual who was causing a disturbance. When an officer approached the individual, the individual pulled a gun and threatened the officer. The individual turned and walked away, continuing to brandish the gun. “At this time, a second officer arrived on site. The officers ordered the individual to drop the gun, and the individual turned and pointed the gun at the officers. The officers opened fire and the individual was killed.

Former insurance brokerage company CFO sentenced to prison

The former chief financial officer of Market Finders Insurance Corporation has been sentenced in federal court to 37 months in prison. The former CFO,*Sylvia Rebecca Smith*, agreed to pay $674,093 in restitution, for committing tax evasion and embezzlement. Smith admitted in a plea agreement that, from July 2013 through April 2015, while employed as CFO of Market Finders, she generated fraudulent loan checks from her employer and diverted them into the bank account of PBS. Specifically, Smith devised a scheme to embezzle funds from Market Finders and Market Finders Insurance Premium Budget Corp., a subsidiary of Market Finders, by creating fraudulent insurance financing contracts between Market Finders Premium Budget and existing insurance clients of PBS Insurance without the knowledge of those existing clients. Smith admitted to manipulating the records so that her theft of funds would not be detected by her employer. Smith admitted that she and her husband used a portion of the fraudulent loan proceeds to fund her husband’s business and to pay for personal expenses for herself and her husband and to pay for gambling activity.

Gambling Addicted Trader Charged With Stealing $2 Million in Bitcoin

24-year-old Joseph Kim claims he intended to return approximately $2 million worth of Bitcoin after covering his own trading losses. He was found out before that could ever come to fruition. The Chicago-based trader, working at Consolidated Trading LLC, was charged Thursday by the United States’ federal government with wire fraud for the theft of $2.06 million in Bitcoin and Litecoin from his employer. Kim, described by one of his co-workers as a “degenerate gambler”, becomes the first person in Chicago history to be charged with a crime tied to the cryptocurrency trading industry. The thefts occurred over a two-month period last year during which time Kim served on the firm’s newly-formed crypto trading group. Kim stole as much as $3.2 million worth of Bitcoin and Litecoin but did return some $1.2 million prior to the theft being discovered. The trader was believed to have used a portion of the stolen funds for gambling purposes.

Frisco man indicted on fraud is back in jail after online bets on the ponies totaling more than $175,000

A Frisco man already indicted in a $60 million Medicaid fraud scheme is back in jail after authorities say he placed illegal online bets for horse races. Bradley Harris, 36, spent more than $175,000 last year gambling online, which is illegal in Texas, according to testimony at a hearing Tuesday. The couple was arrested Friday at their Frisco home. In addition to the illegal gambling accusations, federal prosecutors had also alleged that Harris and his wife engaged in bank fraud by securing a $50,000 business line of credit that was then spent on illegal gambling. But while Ramirez said that the Harrises’ actions looked “suspect,” she determined there was not enough probable cause to find that bank fraud had occurred.

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