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New Wave of Sports Gambling Brings Real Gambling Addiction Fears & Consequences

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the recent Supreme Court decision which legalized sports betting outside of the limited venues like Las Vegas. Many states have already legalized this gambling in their states, including the state responsible for taking the case to the Supreme Court, New Jersey. With this new and immediate access to gambling, many are worried about a crop of new gamblers falling pray its harmful addiction. An online source explains:

Much of the apprehension relates to the prospect of myriad forms of online sports betting — accessible to gamblers at any time and location via their mobile phones. There‘s particular alarm over the anticipated explosion of so-called “in-game wagering” in which gamblers bet, often at a rapid pace, on play-by-play developments — for example, will the next football play be a run or a pass. “You lose track of time,” said Les Bernal, national director of Stop Predatory Gambling. “The goal of the operators is to get you into a zone where you lose your financial reasoning and think of nothing except betting.”

“We think this is the biggest expansion of gambling in our nation‘s history, in one fell swoop,” said Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling. “Absolutely, categorically, there will be more risk factors for addiction — we‘ve never had that much high-speed, high-stakes interactive access to any sort of betting.”

The dangers associated with problem gambling are numerous and not only will this radical expansion of gambling create new addicted gamblers, its going to have a very negative effect for those patients who are already addicted. An online medical source explains:

Legalizing sports betting may have grave consequences for individuals with gambling addiction. Healio Internal Medicine spoke with Mark A. Celio, PhD, assistant professor at the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University School of Public Health.

“Gambling can impact health in many ways. For example, gambling can directly or indirectly increase stress. It could be financial stress or it could be interpersonal in nature. Either way, long-term exposure to stress has very real consequences for physical and mental health. Ironically, problem gamblers may believe that gambling provides relief from stress. These people can easily find themselves stuck in a cyclical pattern where their gambling produces stress that they then try to alleviate with more gambling, only to be left with more stress.”

The National Council on Problem Gambling provides resources for screening, as well as services that are available in each state: https://www.ncpgambling.org/

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