A Brief Look at Crime 11/12 – 11/18

‘Cocaine-using gambling addict’, 26, ‘stabbed his own grandmother 30 TIMES over gambling debt

A cocaine user stabbed his grandmother 30 times after building up a £35,000 gambling debt, a court has heard. Gregory Irvin is alleged to have murdered 74-year-old Anne James, who was making soup and unpacking after a shopping trip, during a 15-minute visit to her home on February 28 this year. The killer wasn’t a stranger to her – it wasn’t a burglar. On the contrary, the killer was somebody she trusted implicitly and who had always been welcomed into their home throughout his life – it was her own grandson, the defendant, Gregory Irvin.’ The prosecutor added:: ‘The defendant was a person who regularly requested money from other people – from his partner, and his parents and his grandmother. ‘In the past he had racked up very large debts in the region of £35,000 because he had a gambling problem.’ Ms Brand said the prosecution could not say whether the defendant’s gambling problems ‘were all in the past’ but it was known that he had arranged to pay the debt off in installments under an IVA. Money had previously gone missing from Mrs James’s house, the court heard.

Nurse with gambling problem gets prison, must pay back $460,000 

A registered nurse whose gambling habit led to her stealing six figures from her employers has resulted in a prison sentence. Peridore had provided services to [an] injured woman for about 11 years, but the woman’s family fired her in the spring of 2012. Peridore neglected to report this to her employers and continued billing them for services she was not, in fact, providing, police allege. Police interviewed Julie Salter, the president and CEO of Mid-Valley Interim Healthcare, who said she had hired Peridore in 1996 or 1997. She believed Peridore had been providing weekend nursing services to the injured woman until learning otherwise in February 2017, when Peridore emailed her and confessed to having submitted bogus invoices. Salter said she fired Peridore, who told her she had been motivated by a gambling problem, court records show. “I needed the money,” Peridore told police, according to their reports. “I had an issue with going to the casino and spent way more money than I should have.”

UKGC penalises Rank £500,000 for problem gambling protection failures

The Rank Group has been ordered to pay a £500,000 financial penalty by the UK Gambling Commission, after failings allowed a customer to lose in excess of £1m, that had been credited to his account, in one 24-hour period. Relating to gambling at the organisation’s land-based Grosvenor Casino, in addition to online at website, an investigation by the UKGC found weaknesses in the responsibility controls of both.

Further failures highlight that Rank failed to interact with the customer who was displaying problematic behaviour, contacted him during a self-exclusion period and did not follow rules for the provision of credit. Richard Watson, Gambling Commission executive director, said: “We expect all operators to protect any consumer who may be experiencing problems with their gambling, and operators shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that VIP customers don’t experience difficulties. “No matter how wealthy customers are, operators still need to monitor them effectively to ensure they aren’t showing signs of problem gambling. It is certainly not appropriate to visit customers during a period when they are self-excluded.”

Post Office worker stole more than $600k in stamps to fund gambling

An United States Postal Service manager allegedly stole $630,000 in stamps from a Louisiana post office, sold them online and used the proceeds to fund large casino expenses, according to federal charges announced Wednesday. Strasser’s release said the alleged crime was “one of the largest internal Postal (thefts) by a Postal Service employee in the history of the U.S. Postal Service.” Authorities began investigating Cortez after PayPal and eBay notified Postal agents that Cortez had been selling “significant quantities” of stamps online, the release said. Even though Cortez’ salary was around $70,000, investigators found he had lost more than $650,000 at a casino since 2011, according to the United States Attorney’s office. The release says Cortez lost more than $220,000 at the casino in 2017. Cortez is also accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from a local Mennonite church. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted, a release says.

Plea deal made in Missouri City businessman’s death at gambling operation

A man accused of shooting and killing aMissouri City during a 2014 aggravated robbery attempt pleaded guilty Wednesday to murder , among other charges. Investigators said that on the night of July 17, 2014, two men wearing masks and carrying assault-type rifles shot and killedDonald Leonetti wounded another man at 12800 Trinity Drive in Stafford. There, investigators found an underground gambling operation. “They’re saying a high-stakes gambling (event) was going on here at this location,” a Stafford officer said at the time of the incident, adding that the men stormed the office, demanding wallets and cash off the poker table. Police believed at the time that it may have been an inside job by someone with knowledge of the time and place the game was played.

Ex-sheriff’s officer pleads guilty to wire fraud after taking more than $180k from police organization

A former Porter County sheriff’s officer pleaded guilty Thursday to embezzling more than $180,000 from a police organization. “So, how’d you do this?” Judge Philip Simon asked. Lawrence LaFlower, 42, of Valparaiso, told the federal judge that he took the money from a Fraternal Order of Police account by writing checks to himself or with a checking withdrawal slip at the bank. “Nothing fancy here. Just literally withdrawing the money?” Simon asked. “Correct,” LaFlower said.Between April 2013 and April of this year, LaFlower said he was the treasurer for the Fraternal Order of Police Ewalt Jahnz Lodge No.165 in Valparaiso. LaFlower was also a lieutenant and public information officer with the sheriff’s office. He resigned in May. During his time as FOP treasurer, LaFlower took money from the FOP’s accounts and gave it to himself, he said. “We believe this is due to a gambling issue that the defendant had,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Abizer Zanzi said.

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