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A Brief Look at Crime 12/03 – 12/09

MGM Springfield Reports “Underage Gambling Is An Issue” 

President and chief operations officer *Michael Mathis* spoke with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission <https://massgaming.com&gt; and told them that the MGM Springfield is attracting around 50,000 people on weekends and that about 25,000 visitors show up on weekdays. The porous design which Mathis points to being one of the reasons that so many people are coming, could be leading to some problems such as minors gaining access to the gaming floor. He told the commission that the MGM Springfield has witnessed a number of underage visitors gaining access. Staff are doing their best to cope but Mathis claimed that parents are leaving their kids in other areas of the resort while they go to the casino. He said that this issue is creating problems for the new casino. Commission Chairman *Steven Crosby* conceded that the MGM followed the commission’s directions to add a number of non-gaming offerings to cater to a wider audience and this is indirectly contributing to the number of underage gamblers showing up. MGM Springfield stated that they would continue to follow the commission’s guidelines and leave it up to them to figure out a better solution to address this issue.

Dallas mayor pro tem pleads guilty to accepting bribes

Federal prosecutors say Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway accepted more than $450,000 in kickbacks and bribes, in part through gambling money, trips to Las Vegas and elsewhere, and a phony consulting agreement. Court documents filed Thursday show Caraway, the second highest-ranking. elected official in Dallas, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud and tax evasion. Federal prosecutors say Caraway accepted bribes in return for taking action to benefit a company that puts cameras on school buses. They say he received bribes through checks, which he cashed at liquor stores and pawn shops. U.S Attorney Erin Nealy Cox announced Thursday that Caraway has resigned from the city council. Caraway’s attorney, Michael Payma, says the court documents speak for themselves. He says Caraway must still be sentenced and declined to comment further.

2 men arrested, 300 roosters seized in illegal cockfighting operation in Port Orchard

Two men have been arrested and hundreds of roosters have been seized as agents busted an illegal cockfighting ring in Port Orchard. The owner would take bets ranging from $100 to $2,000, and then the birds would be put inside a pen to fight. The property owner would charge an entry fee and a fee to dispose of the dead birds. The referee would also get a 10% cut on the winnings. “The conditions that these animals were living in is not the type of conditions you would see on your normal family farm. The roosters were all tethered on a 4-5 foot leash connected to a barrel. Some of them had water. Some had run out. There was some feed. They were pretty much living in their own feces,” said Heather Songer, Washington State Gambling Commission. “Not only is animal fighting a brutal, bloody sport. It’s also illegal. And even just attending an event can land you in jail.” Agents went in during an event on Saturday and seized $35,000 in cash and over 300 roosters. Two men, ages 56 and 57, were arrested and booked into the Kitsap County Jail for investigation of gambling, animal fighting and leading organized crime. A third person was arrested for failing to provide his name to police. Police say more than two dozen other people were detained at the event with charges forwarded to the Kitsap County prosecutor for review as attending an illegal animal fighting event is a felony.

Florida Woman Pleads Guilty To Million Dollar Mail Fraud Scheme

A woman pleaded guilty Thursday to committing mail fraud in connection with a nearly $1.3 million scheme, U.S. Attorney Dayle Elieson for the District of Nevada. According to court documents, Luciano resided in Las Vegas in 2010 to 2011. During that time period, Luciano befriended a man she met at the church they both attended. In 2011, she relocated to Tampa and maintained communication with the man. Luciano fraudulently represented to him that she had a pending settlement award from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She told him that she would share the settlement award with him if he provided her money to pay fees, interest, and other costs related to obtaining the settlement award. Her representations where false. In fact, after a brief period of service, Luciano was discharged from the U.S. Army in 1971. In July 2013, Luciano mailed the man a fake promissory note granting him an interest in the purported settlement award. The man used his position as a controller at a large real estate investment business to embezzle and steal approximately $1.3 million from the business and its investors. He mailed Luciano numerous envelopes and packages containing the stolen money. Luciano used the money for gambling and personal expenses.

Gambling Driven Million Dollar Woodlake Embezzler Sentenced 

A man accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the San Mateo Woodlake Condominium Association between 2007 and 2013 was sentenced to seven years state prison Friday and was ordered to split the restitution with his co-conspirator, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office. Michael Medeiros, 62, was ordered to split the $2.84 million in restitution with Susan Lambert, 67, for crimes they committed over the course of six years that directly affected residents of the homeowners’ association. Lambert had managed the association, which had a nearly $5 million annual budget, for more than a decade. A Woodlake resident previously said homeowners caught wind of the theft when a board member saw suspicious activity, including charges at various casinos, on a bank statement from a debit card Lambert had been issued. After Lambert was fired, the association uncovered a stack of nearly 150 false invoices for construction work that was never completed. Police and investigators determined she had been conspiring to defraud the homeowners between Feb. 8, 2007, and September 2013, according to prosecutors. Prosecutors said Lambert, who reportedly had a gambling problem, would make false invoices and write checks to Medeiros’ company Professional Painting, Inc. He would then allegedly cash the checks and the two would split the profits.

Online gambling scammer Fred Khalilian booted by Monster after “threats of mutilation, death” 

Online gambling scammer *Fred Khalilian* has been booted from *Monster Technology Group* less than a year after selling the company his worthless gambling technology. The release went on to say that Khalilian was the subject of a temporary restraining order issued in California’s Superior Court “for the protection of numerous employees of Monster against threats of mutilation, death, and threats to family.” Furthermore, Monster has filed reports with the South San Francisco Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, “including the FBI,” concerning “allegations of fraud, theft and conspiracy.” Accompanying Khalilian on his way down Monster’s shame chute was “the team he brought into the company to do a hostile takeover.”

The linked articles detail Khalilian’s ‘colorful’ history, including a handful of assault charges, his $4.2m settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission to resolve a deceptive telemarketing case, and Khalilian’s ongoing cons of would-be tribal gaming operators involving hyping in-development online gambling sites that never actually develop into a going concern. Last October, Monster raised eyebrows by announcing that a subsidiary had struck a deal to acquire the online gaming software assets (such as they were) of Khalilian’s *Universal Entertainment Group* (UEG), with the plan to use said assets to launch PokerTribe.com on behalf of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. PokerTribe was the second incarnation of Khalilian’s efforts to pull a fast one on unsuspecting tribal groups. Khalilian collected $9.5m from his original Oklahoma tribal partner before new tribal leadership pulled the plug on the site (PokerTribes.com – plural) which never actually opened for business. This led to lawsuits and a probe by the National Indian Gaming Commission.

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