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A Brief Look at Crime 12/24 – 12/30

Gambling-related shooting in Tennessee leaves 2 dead, 4 wounded

Two men were killed and four others were wounded after a Tennessee shooting that investigators believe was sparked by a gambling feud, according to a report Sunday. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on its Twitter page identified the victims who were killed as Marcus Conway, 18, and Marquese Taylor, 22, both residents of Memphis. One was pronounced dead at the scene; the other at a hospital, the sheriff’s office said. “It’s believed that this incident occurred as a result of a feud while gambling,” the sheriff’s office said on Twitter. “Investigators believe that this was an isolated incident and that the victims knew the suspects.” The shooting occurred Saturday night at a home in northern Shelby County, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported. Three of the wounded were at one hospital where their conditions ranged from serious to critical late Saturday night, the paper reported.

Winnipeg Financial Adviser Takes Advantage of Cognitively Impaired Client to Pay Off Gambling Debt

A financial adviser from Winnipeg has been put under police investigation after facing allegations of manipulating 78-year-old client of his, who has been suffering from cognitive impairment, into *lending him CA$200,000 to pay gambling debts*. According to documents filed in court, the 50-year-old *Aime Edmond Grenier* is facing accusations of using his relationship with his client in order to borrow a massive amount of money from him, with the lawns dating back to 2009. Mr. Grenier has not repaid any of the loans which he had taken in order to pay some debts he made *as a result of his compulsive gambling*. The investigator revealed to the court that the elderly man was *extremely trusting, generous and sometimes forgetful* about his financial matters as a lasting effect of his brain injury. The police investigated a substantial loan which Mr. Grenier allegedly received “under false pretence”. The court documents say that the senior was visited by his financial adviser in his home on November 23rd, 2016. At the time, Mr. Grenier asked his client to lend him CA$200,000 which he claimed he had to pay to *the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)*.

Nine out of 10 pubs in England fail to stop underage gambling

Nine out of 10 pubs in England are routinely allowing children to play age-restricted fruit machines, the gambling industry regulator has said. The Gambling Commission has written to several pub trade associations demanding that they clean up their act after an undercover operation revealed that most were making no effort to prevent children from using the machines. The commission’s enforcement chief said the preliminary findings of the operation were “sufficiently concerning that we consider it to be in the public interest to release them immediately”. A spokesperson for the Local Government Association said the report’s findings indicated that pubs were putting children at risk of developing a gambling problem. “Pub managers must be as vigilant about underage gambling as they are about underage drinking,” said Simon Blackburn, the chair of the LGA’s safer and stronger communities board. “It is completely unacceptable to turn a blind eye to children playing gaming machines that are restricted to over-18s, which risks young people becoming addicted to gambling.”

Illegal Sports Betting Linked to Murder of Aussie Gangster John Macris, Shot in Cold Blood in Athens 

Police investigating the murder of Greco-Australian gangster John Macris are working on the theory that he was killed because of links to an illegal sports betting operation. Macris was shot dead by a gunman last Wednesday outside his home in a wealthy Athens suburb as he sat in a Smart car owned by his wife — the Ukrainian reality TV star and former Playboy Playmate Victoria Karyda. Shocking footage released by Greek media on Monday from security cameras outside Macris’ house show the moment a lone gunman fired multiple shots through the car’s right passenger window before walking around to the driver’s door and firing again. According to the /Sydney Morning Herald/, Greek police are piecing together bank accounts and scrutinizing money transfers to ascertain whether Macris was involved in gambling with other people’s money through an illegal online betting company based in Asia. They believe it’s possible he had accumulated a debt that he couldn’t pay. The 46-year-old nightclub owner was a prominent figure in the Sydney underworld for many years, according to reports in the Australian media.

Animal rights group, county officials spar over alleged cockfighting ring 

A well-known animal rights group has accused Miami-Dade County officials of doing nothing after the organization says it exposed a brutal animal fighting ring operating in southwest Miami-Dade. The county has pushed back, accusing the organization of using tactics that harmed the potential investigation. The Animal Recovery Mission, or ARM, said the evidence is all there on camera from a cockfighting ring operating at “Rancho El Triangulo.”During the surveillance, the ARM representative witnessed birds outfitted with spikes, brutal fighting, often to the death. Birds badly injured were discarded in the trash, left to die and covered by trash. “So for 25 minutes they’re literally puncturing each other,” said an undercover investigator for ARM who asked not to be identified. “And it’s not a puncture where it can cause death, immediate death. It’s slow.” But nearly five months after calling police and handing over evidence, no arrests have been made. “Everyone in this industry feels so incredibly safe. It’s almost like a legal industry in Miami,” said ARM President Richard Couto.

After an illegal slaughterhouse bust in 2015, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle wrote in a news release: “I applaud the partnership which allows my prosecutors, the Miami-Dade Police Department and the Animal Recovery Mission to effectively shut down such ghastly operations.” When asked if the SAO had expressed similar concerns in the past, Couto replied, “Never. Never.” He added, “It’s disheartening that the relationship that we’ve built over the years with this office is crashing down before my eyes.”

Montgomery official embezzled $6.7 million from county, federal prosecutors say

A local official embezzled $6.7 million from Montgomery County through a years-long scheme of diverting county money meant to grow local businesses, federal prosecutors said in court filings unsealed Friday. Byung Il Bang, the former chief operating officer for Montgomery’s Department of Economic Development, pleaded guilty to wire fraud and making a false statement on a tax return at a hearing in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Md. He is set to be sentenced Feb. 2, and agreed in court to seek treatment for a “gambling addiction.”

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