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UPDATE: DOJ Wire Act/Online Gambling Case Advances as Court Calls for Briefs

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to restore the original interpretation of the Wire Act. The Wire Act is the law responsible for the regulation of online gambling. Prior to a shocking reversal by the Obama Administration, the Wire Act made online gambling illegal. Their new interpretation claimed the law only applied to sports betting, meaning all other online gambling suddenly became legal. The Department of Justice under the Trump Administration is working toward restoring the original interpretation, thus making online gambling illegal. Their decision was challenged in court and overturned, but quickly appealed. That court has now called for briefs by each side. An online source explains:

The lawsuit over the *Wire Act and its applicability to online gambling is far from over. In this case, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit just set the briefing schedule for William P. Barr, United States Attorney General and the United States Department of Justice. The First Circuit is requiring Barr and the DOJ to file their briefs and other necessary paperwork by Nov. 12.

With that in mind — and according to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure 31(a) — the New Hampshire Lottery Commission along with the other state lotteries and vendors that joined the suit have 30 days thereafter to respond after the DOJ files its brief. The DOJ’s reply brief is then due within 21 days after the plaintiffs respond.

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