A Brief Look at Crime 02/10 – 02/16

Texas parents charged after car, infant stolen while they gambled

A Texas couple who had gone into a gas station to gamble came out tofind that their vehicle and the baby who they had left inside it were missing, police said. Kimberley Cook, 21, and Anthony Blue, 29, were arrested Monday on child endangerment charges, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The couple left their 16-month-old in a running Chrysler in the parking lot of a Shell station north of Houston around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, the sheriff said in a statement. The couple occasionally checked on the child while playing 8 Liner slot machines inside, officials said. The car was reported stolen around midnight. A park ranger discovered their 16-month-old at a playground by a park ranger. Authorities said the child was taken to a hospital and is in good condition.

Stamford Woman Who Stole Over $100K From Store Rearrested

A Stamford woman who pleaded guilty to stealing over $100,000 from a Greenwich convenience store was rearrested Monday after missing a scheduled court date, during which she was supposed to present a plan to pay back the store’s owner, the Stamford Advocate reports. Julmeus was eventually confronted by her employer and admitted to the thefts, which she also admitted to Greenwich detectives, police said. According to the Stamford Advocate, Julmeus said she used the money to pay off her husband’s gambling debts and help her family in Haiti. In July, she pleaded guilty to the larceny charge and was offered a 10-year suspended sentence and five years probation if she made restitution.

Man is killed by ‘armed’ chicken: Spectator bleeds to death after being sliced by a blade tied to a rooster

A man in India has been killed during a cockfight after a sharp blade tied to a rooster cut his abdomen. The cockfight took place in Pragadavaram village in West Godavari, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, despite a Supreme Court ban on the practice. Cockfight organisers tied the razor-sharp blade to the leg of the rooster, police said. The fatal injury was reportedly inflicted as one of the organisers held the animal in his hands, waiting to release it into the arena to fight. Without warning, the bird suddenly struggled against his grip in a bid for freedom, and the blade fatally pierced the abdomen of a spectator who was standing nearby, inflicting a deep wound. Organisers of the cock fights, called kodipandayam in the Telugu speaking states, continue to host the betting contests, despite a ban on the practice.

Longtown hotel boss stole £107,000 to fund “crippling” gambling addiction

A TRUSTED hotel manager from Longtown stole almost £107,000 from his employer over seven years to feed his ‘crippling’ addiction to gambling. Carlisle Crown Court heard today how 58-year-old Stewart McIntosh – whose £18,000 a year job as manager at the Graham Arms Hotel in Longtown came with a flat – was regarded as both a trusted employee and a friend by the hotel’s owners. Yet he carried out the thefts to pay for a gambling addiction which began 15 years ago. His defence lawyer David Wales told the court that McIntosh, of English Street, Longtown, saw his addiction spiral out of control with the advent of online gambling, which he did through his mobile phone.

Notorious leader of Hartford drug and gambling operation sentenced to life without parole in ‘brutal’ kidnapping-murder

A man Hartford police have long considered one of the most dangerous men in the city was sentenced to life without parole in federal court Friday for the kidnapping and murder a drug dealer who had been lured into a phony drug deal. Harold “Oink” Cook was the leader of a gang who used an illegal gambling parlor on Enfield Street as headquarters from which they they sold drugs and hatched schemes to rob other drug dealers. He was sentenced for the murder of 11-years ago of 35-year Charles Teasley, who was abducted, bound, beaten, stabbed and forced to hand over safe before being shot repeatedly in the head and left in a car on Colebrook Street.

High-stakes sports gambler charged in $9.6M fraud

A high-stakes sports gambler from Illinois, who was depicted on social media going all-in on a lavish lifestyle with private jets and sports cars, has been charged with defrauding an investor out of $9.6 million. Robert Gorodetsky, 27, who goes by “BigRobStyle” on social media, is facing 20 years in prison after federal charges were filed Tuesday in U.S District Court in Chicago. He was also charged with filing a false tax return, according to court documents. In December 2017, Gorodetsky was profiled in a USA Today piece titled, “Is this the future face of sports gambling? In the interview, he spoke of his advice-driven gambling business which allowed him to maintain his expensive and flashy lifestyle. On Wednesday, federal prosecutors alleged that “Big Rob” Gorodetsky defrauded an individual, “Investor A,” out of $9.6 million — after lying about how he would use the money that person invested as well as the actual returns on the cash. Records show he defrauded “Investor A” between 2014 to 2018, according to Chicago’s WBBM-TV. He spent that money to wager on sports as well as pay for living, travel and entertainment expenses — including for luxury cars and jewelry, according to court documents.

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