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A Brief Look at Crime 06/15 – 06/21

Two NFL Stars Could Be Arrested for Armed Robbery Linked to A $70k Gambling Loss 

Deandre Baker plays for New York Giants while Quinton Dunbar is signed to the Seattle Seahawks. The two were accused of an armed robbery in Miramar, Florida. Two days before the incident, the two players were involved in a gambling session where they lost $70,000 while playing cards. They were reportedly gambling on the night of the robbery as well. Baker got into an argument with another man at a party during the night. The card table was flipped and Baker allegedly took out a gun and pointed it at another player. He asked two other men to “take money and valuables” from the attendees. 

Now an arrest warrant has been released against him, which records that he and two men stole $4,000 in cash along with another player’s Audemars Piguet watch worth $17,500. They also stole a Hublot watch costing $25,000 and $7,000 in cash from another player. Baker allegedly possessed a gun while he used to steal others’ belongings. Dunbar didn’t have a gun but he was allegedly involved in helping to steal the valuables. Baker even told a man in a red mask to shoot a person who had walked into a room. The witness, in this case, is Dominick Johnson who said that he has known the two players since they were kids. He was also present at the party and said that Baker carried arm. He was not robbed on night. Other witnesses suggest that they had not seen a gun in Baker’s hand.

Former county employee gets nearly five years for stealing from vulnerable

A former Presque Isle County employee who admitted to stealing over $200,000 from vulnerable adults to feed a gambling habit was sentenced to four years and nine months behind bars today. Shilo Furgeson, former Presque Isle County public guardian, was fired in May 2019 and arrested several months later, accused of stealing money from the accounts of elderly or disabled people who depend on the county to coordinate their financial and legal services. Furgeson, who was arrested three times last fall and arraigned on multiple charges of embezzlement, admitted taking a total of more than $207,000 from at least 15 people in her care over a four-year period in her role as public guardian. Checks written by the defendant and payable to Furgeson or her boyfriend, removing over $10,000 from the bank accounts of several people — including one who is deceased — were “the tip of the iceberg,” according to police reports, when those checks surfaced in April 2019 and were reported to the probate court where Furgeson was employed. In a videoconferenced hearing today, Furgeson told the court she used the money to feed a gambling habit, spending an average of $3,200 per week at casinos.

Wednesday night in small-town Florida: deputies found cockfighting, cocaine and a kid

Cockfighting doesn’t stop for anything — not even a global pandemic. Fourteen people were arrested at a gambling and cockfighting function in Central Florida, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. They were all charged with attending the fighting of animals, illegal gambling and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Deputies responded to a mobile home late Wednesday evening and discovered men gambling at a table. They also noticed a 10-year-old boy, bags of cocaine on the table and what appeared to be evidence of Cockfighting, a PCSO media release says. “We received a call for service regarding a cockfighting event, and found so much more, including a small child in the presence of cocaine and firearms,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “This is egregious on several levels. I’m glad we were able to shut this down.”

Detectives acquired a search warrant for the property where they later found seven dead roosters about 25 yards away from the gambling table, a scale for roosters to weigh in and chairs for spectators, according to PSCO. A dismantled fighting ring was discovered, the inside and sides of which were covered with fresh feathers. Investigators also stumbled upon a shed containing rubber boxing gloves, knives and performance-enhancing drugs — all used in various aspects of cockfighting. A nearby metal trash bin held the charred remains of numerous roosters, deputies say. A total of 481 roosters and chickens were removed from the property. Detectives also confiscated a loaded AK-47, 12-gauge shotgun and a trafficking amount of cocaine.

Redskins’ Cody Latimer facing gun charges after alleged poker game incident

Washington Redskins wide receiver Cody Latimer was arrested over the weekend after allegedly pulling out a gun at a poker game, according to reports. Latimer, 27, appeared in a Douglas County, Colo., court on Monday to face several charges including felony illegal discharge of a firearm and second-degree assault related to an incident that took place at a friend’s apartment early Saturday morning. 

Deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an apartment complex on Zenith Meridian Drive shortly after midnight over reports of multiple shots fired. Once on the scene, law enforcement spoke to Roderick English, who described himself as Latimer’s best friend, ESPN reported, citing KUSA. English told authorities that several people, including Latimer, showed up to his apartment at around 8 p.m. to play poker. Members of the group were reportedly drinking and gambling when a dispute purportedly broke out between Latimer and another person. The police report did not include details about the initial altercation, but Latimer’s attorney revealed during court on Monday that there was an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault committed by an individual at the gathering against Latimer’s 4-year-old son.

15 people detained in illegal gambling bust after SW Side immigrant rescue call, San Antonio police say

San Antonio police detained 15 people in an illegal gambling bust on the city’s Southwest Side after someone reported seeing immigrants in the back of an 18-wheeler and called authorities. When police arrived, they did not find an 18-wheeler with immigrants, but they said they approached a person who admitted they were at the location to play on a gambling machine. Officers said they went into the location and found about 50 eight-liners. They said they detained 15 people who were playing with the gambling machines. Officials said everyone who was detained cooperated with authorities. They said no one among the group was sick, but only about one or two people were wearing masks. Police said many people in the group were senior citizens. They will face gambling charges, and some are facing warrants, according to authorities. The Vice Unit will further investigate this case and interview the people detained, officers said.

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