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A Brief Look at Crime 06/22 – 06/28

Gambling dispute may have sparked Monday night shooting in SE Cedar Rapids

According to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, three men — ages 21, 32, and 38, — were shot at about 11 p.m. Monday night in the 700 block of 16th Street SE. Police said the men were at a party at a residence in the area the included gambling. At some point, police said an argument occurred. A short time later, shots were fired from a vehicle into the residence, striking the three men. When officers arrived at the scene, they found two of the injured men inside the home. The third, police said arrived at Mercy Medical Center in a private vehicle. None of the injuries were life-threatening, police said. Public safety spokesperson Greg Buelow said the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made.

15 people detained in illegal gambling bust after SW Side immigrant rescue call

San Antonio police detained 15 people in an illegal gambling bust on the city’s Southwest Side after someone reported seeing immigrants in the back of an 18-wheeler and called authorities. When police arrived, they did not find an 18-wheeler with immigrants, but they said they approached a person who admitted they were at the location to play on a gambling machine. Officers said they went into the location and found about 50 eight-liners. They said they detained 15 people who were playing with the gambling machines. Officials said everyone who was detained cooperated with authorities. They said no one among the group was sick, but only about one or two people were wearing masks. Police said many people in the group were senior citizens. They will face gambling charges, and some are facing warrants, according to authorities.

Cock-Fighting Event Included Small Child In Presence Of Cocaine And Firearms (FL)

Fourteen suspects were arrested by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, at a gambling and rooster/cock-fighting event in Mulberry, Florida. Deputies responded and observed the male suspects gambling, rolling dice, and exchanging cash around a wooden table. A 10-year-old child was also present. On the ground around the table, deputies observed bags of a white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine. Nearby they saw evidence of a recent cock-fight, and they requested that detectives from the PCSO Agriculture Crimes Unit respond to the scene.

Ag Crimes detectives obtained a search warrant for the property, and located seven dead roosters laying on the ground approximately 25 feet from where the gambling was occurring. Nearby, detectives found a disassembled fighting ring, a scale for weighing roosters before fighting, and chairs for people to sit and watch the fighting. Where the ring was set up, there were fresh feathers on the ground and stuck to the sides of the ring. Inside a shed on the property, detectives found rubber boxing gloves used to train roosters to fight, knives that are strapped to roosters’ legs for fighting to the death, and performance-enhancing drugs for roosters. A 55-gallon metal trash barrel contained burned bodies of dead roosters. There were over 100 live roosters individually housed, and a total of 481 roosters and chickens were removed from the property during the investigation.

Police cracking down social media gamblers

Illegal gambling now has more eyes on it than ever, especially from law enforcement. With more people forced to stay home there has been a boom in people gambling on social media. Now, Starr County officials said that it is cracking down not just on the organizers but the players as well. “If you take a game of chance and keep money from it, you’re gambling and it’s illegal in the state of Texas,” said Starr County Attorney Victor Canales. Organizers are making up to $10,000 a day creating fake loterias, raffles, and pyramid schemes. Police are now investigating online games after a person stole thousands from players who signed up.

Adelson’s Singapore Casino Probed Over Laundering Controls

The Singapore casino of billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp. is being probed by the U.S. Department of Justice over whether anti-money laundering regulations were breached in the way it handled the accounts of top gamblers. The Justice Department in January issued a grand jury subpoena to a former compliance chief of Marina Bay Sands Pte, seeking an interview or documents on “money laundering facilitation” and any abuse of internal financial controls, according to a copy of the subpoena seen by Bloomberg News.

Prosecutors asked the former compliance head, as a person with knowledge of the casino’s operations, to produce records related to any such violations including through gambling junkets and third-party lending using casino credit, the document shows. The U.S. inquiry, which people familiar with the matter said is likely in its early stages, is also seeking to establish if there was any retaliation against whistleblowers, according to the subpoena.

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