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Congress hears Testimony from NCAA on Why Collegiate Sports Betting should be Banned

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the dramatic impact and subsequent explosion of sports betting since the Supreme Court decision.  Virtually all states have looked into what legalizing sports betting would mean for its jurisdiction, but some states have still not moved forward.  For those venues where sports betting is legal, most of the focus has been on the major professional sports leagues, but collegiate sports have long been a focus of would be sports betters.  As such, Congress has agreed to hear arguments in favor and against allowing sports betting on collegiate sports.  An online source reports:  

College sports betting is slowly being legalized across the United States. The practice has sparked a debate about the morality of the practice so much that the US Senate Committee had to weigh in and hear arguments from both proponents of the measure and those who opposed it.

The meeting was entitled “Protecting the Integrity of College Athletics” and it included a number of college representatives, educators, lobbyists and industry specialists.

Heather Lyke, the athletic director at the University of Pittsburgh was present on the behalf of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the University both.

Those in favor of a ban on collegiate sports approach the situation from a few different angles.  The online source continues:

Ms Lyke said that while the repeal of PASPA was understandable and sports betting was here to stay, the U.S. Congress was supposed to take action so as to preserve the integrity of intercollegiate athletics. She directly asked for a prohibition on any sports betting that targets collegiate contests.

Her argument ran on the lines that the practice would be detrimental to the integrity of collegiate sports: “The introduction of legal wagering on intercollegiate athletics will have a corrosive and detrimental impact on student-athletes and the general student body alike. Gambling creates pressures and temptations that should not exist.”

She explained that students may become victims of corrupt practices and fall victim to gambling firms who want to push their interests. Ms Lyke said that even if the NCAA were to enact far-reaching measures that warn students and athletes of the dangers of gambling and outright prohibit it as per current law, the “corrosive effect” would be nevertheless widespread.

She further explained that sports teams have both the finances and man power to enforce integrity whereas most colleges in the country would  struggle to do the same.

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