A Brief Look at Crime 10/19 -10/25

Killer who bashed his wife to death and buried her in their backyard won’t do ANY more jail time despite stealing nearly $6m to fund his gambling habit

An accountant who bashed his wife to death with a wheel brace has been sentenced to 10 years jail for stealing $6million to fund his gambling habit. But Ahmed Dawood Seedat, 37, who is serving a life sentence for killing 32-year-old Fahima Yusuf and burying her in a shallow grave in the garden of their Perth home, will serve both terms concurrently – meaning he won’t spend anymore time in jail. A probe into his financial affairs revealed a staggering list of 20 people who fell victim to theft and fraud at the hands of the disgraced accountant. On Tuesday he faced WA District Court and was sentenced after pleading guilty to the 97 fraud and theft offences. The court heard the 37-year-old stole money from 20 family members and friends between November 2013 and August 2018, with the crimes only discovered after his murder charge, NCA Newswire reported.

Canada police charge dozens and seize $10m in assets in illegal casino bust

Police in Canada  have charged dozens of people and seized millions in assets after discovering that a sprawling mansion north of Toronto was thriving as an underground gambling den while legal casinos were shuttered due to the coronavirus lockdown. York region police announced 74 charges on Wednesday connected to a months-long investigation into illegal gambling operations in Ontario. As well as making 29 arrests, police seized more than $10m in assets, firearms, cash and high-end liquor. “This is organized crime truly exploiting and demonstrating their money, their positions and opulence thinking somehow that they are above the law,” York police’s deputy chief, Brian Bigras, told reporters. The main target of the raid was a 20,000 sq ft mansion, sitting on a two-acre property in an affluent suburb of north York. The upstairs rooms of the house were used as a bed and breakfast, but police say the basement had been transformed into a luxury underground casino and spa.

Nashville Firm’s Ex-Leader Gets 35 Months for Embezzlement

A Louisiana  man faces 35 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $760,000 from Nashville-based Omnis Health Inc., where he formerly was president. Robert Burton also was ordered to pay more than $1 million combined in restitution to the company and the IRS and was fined $15,000 during his sentencing Monday, the Nashville U.S. attorney’s office said. Between December 2013 and January 2017, Burton claimed he was using personal funds to buy diabetic testing supplies. Instead, he placed them in online shopping carts and printed screen displays as receipts, the prosecutor’s office said. Burton also fabricated credit card receipts and submitted false travel expense claims, according to the office. Burton converted reimbursement checks into cash or prepaid debit cards and often used the money for gambling, court documents stated.

Backus woman admits to stealing from former employer

A 61-year-old Backus woman accused of embezzling over $100,000 from a Pine River dental office said she did it to support her gambling and shopping habits, according to court documents. According to the criminal complaint filed against Kelley, a Cass County sheriff investigator spoke June 26 with the CEO of Pine River Dental Arts. The CEO discovered discrepancies leading her to believe Kelley, The former office manager, mishandled company funds. When Kelley was employed, she was the only employee who oversaw the office financial duties, including payroll and accounts receivable. The investigator spoke with Kelley, who admitted she stole from her former employer, that it had been going on since 2013 and she did it to support her gambling and shopping habits.

Florida man charged with scamming investors out of $6.8M in crypto trading scheme 

A Florida businessman has been charged with scamming investors through a $6.8 million digital asset trading scheme, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Tuesday. According to the court complaint filed in federal court in Miami, Thomas J. Gity allegedly received funding from at least 18 investors by pretending to be a “high-profitable asset trader who never lost money during a trading day.” Gity was accused of providing fake account statements to investors to trick them into thinking he was managing as much as $100 million in assets. Per the complaint, Gity told investors he would use their funding to trade digital assets, but only transferred $970,000 of the $6.8 million he received into trading accounts. Gity allegedly transferred over $1.8 million of the funds to his son and for personal expenses and gambling. Gity is facing charges for violating multiple securities laws, including the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The SEC is seeking a civil penalty and is moving to prevent Gity from taking part in securities offerings.

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