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A Brief Look at Crime 11/02 – 11/08

Locals concerned over recent Las Vegas Strip crime, as aggravated assaults climb

The recent streak of violence on the Las Vegas Strip continued early Friday morning, with another fight leading to another shooting. This shooting happened in the MGM Grand on the casino floor near elevators, nobody was hurt. This comes after a fight on a bus led to a stabbing outside the Paris Hotel and Casino on Wednesday, after a fight led to a shooting outside the Flamingo on Sunday, and several more incidents over the past month and a half. “There’s too much violence going on down there, and I just don’t feel safe,” local Janet Kidd said. She doesn’t plan on spending any time on the Strip any time soon. Another local, Sheila Herckis, had to go to the Strip for an errand on Friday morning. She feels the same way. “There’s too much crime here in the past couple of months,” she said. “Before the COVID I would go on the Strip, kill a couple of hours. Not now. I’m home at 4:00. I just have to do an errand here.”

Feds charge suburban man, 66, with running illegal sports gambling business

Federal prosecutors have charged a 66-year-old Elmwood Park man with running an illegal sports bookmaking business in Chicago and two near-west suburbs. Gregory Emmet Paloian allegedly ran the gambling business from 2015 to 2019 in Chicago, Elmwood Park and Melrose Park, according to a two-page charging document filed Friday in Chicago. Federal authorities want Paloian to forfeit a 2017 Audi and more than $274,000. Paloian, who is charged with one count of conducting an illegal gambling business, is due for an arraignment Wednesday. The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.

Gunman shoots four men, one fatally, inside Brooklyn gambling den 

A gunman opened fire inside a backroom gambling den in Brooklyn, shooting four men — one fatally, police said Thursday. Medics rushed one victim, a man in his 30s shot in the chest, to Brookdale University Hospital, where he died, authorities said. Cops were working to determine his identity. A 44-year-old man blasted in the arm was taken to the same hospital in stable condition. A 31-year-old male shot in the leg and a 32-year-old man wounded in the shoulder were taken to Kings County Hospital in stable condition, cops said. The killer ran off and has not been caught. Police were trying to determine if the gunman was a robber or a disgruntled gambler, sources said. All of the victims have criminal records, a second source said. The man killed had recently been hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms, neighbors said. “He’s a sweet fellow,” said Michelle Smith, 51, who knew the victim by his street name, Pimp. “He just got released from the hospital for COVID

Chester County Judge Michael Cabry charged with using campaign money to feed gambling habit

A Chester County district judge is alleged to have used money from his campaign finance account to feed a six-figure gambling habit at various casinos in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, according to a criminal complaint filed against him by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Magisterial District Judge Michael J. Cabry III, whose district court covers the Honey Brook area in the northwestern part of the county, was arrested Tuesday and charged with one felony count of theft by unlawful taking, a single count of perjury, a misdemeanor, and four violations of campaign finance laws. The complaint stated that in total, Cabry wagered more than $110,700 in 2017, although because of a large win at Delaware Park of more than $100,000, his total loss for the year was slightly over $9,000. Still, he complaint filed by Dormer alleges that bank records review in the case show Cabry’s finances were “severely depleted” during the time he was gamboling with his campaign money.

Gambling granny shoots husband dead then kills a stranger to steal her identity

On 23 March, 2018, a man was found dead under a blanket at the home he shared with his wife in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. David Riess, 54, had been shot dead with a 22-calibre gun and his body was hidden in the bathroom. David had been missing for more than two weeks. His wife Lois had told David’s colleagues that he was busy preparing for a fishing trip and, after that, revealed he was feeling unwell. He lived with Lois at a house on the farm in Blooming Prairie. Their children had grown up and had kids of their own, making the couple both proud grandparents.

When officers turned up at the house, they found David’s dead body hidden in the bathroom with bullet wounds in his chest. He’d been covered with a blanket and his killer had jammed towels under the bathroom door to try to stop the smell of death escaping into the rest of the house. The family’s white Cadillac was missing and so was Lois. Had she been murdered, too? Investigators quickly discovered that Lois had forged cheques from David’s business account and had put $11,000 into her own name. They could see Lois’s gambling addiction was out of control and they concluded that the money was to plug her spiralling debt and to fund her habit. Suddenly Lois became the prime suspect for her husband’s brutal murder.

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