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A Brief Look at Crime 12/14 -12/20

‘Monster’ Granny Murdered Her Husband And A Lookalike Woman To Feed Gambling Addiction

David Riess was a kind, small-town Minnesota worm farmer, but as a former family friend put it, his wife, Lois Riess a “monster.” It was Lois who murdered David at their home in March 2018 before fleeing to Florida, where she killed a look-alike stranger, Pamela Hutchinson. Same murder weapon: a 22-caliber pistol. Same modus operandi: bodies left to rot in a bathroom, where towels were positioned to hide the horrid smell of decomposition. Same motive: to snag money to feed her gambling addiction. 

At the end, Lois’ crimes spanned two states. She was prosecuted first in Florida, where she faced an array of charges including homicide, grand theft, grand theft auto, and identity theft   — which meant the possibility of the death penalty. But due to an “overburdened” legal system, justice would be delayed, according to Grace. Eventually, in December 2019, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table in exchange for a guilty plea from Lois. She was sentenced to life prison for the murder of Hutchinson — whom she eventually admitted she killed because they looked alike.

Macau Clamps Down on 97 Illegal Gambling Sites in 2020 (China)

Macau has reported that *97 websites* linked to illicit gambling or fraud have been shut so far in *2020*, and specifically covering the first eight months of the year through *August*. Macau police authorities arrested a number of individuals suspected of running the websites and facilitating illegal gambling transactions. Overall, *125 websites* were identified that broke the existing legislation that forbids online gambling activities. However, police was able to act against only *97* of those as the remainder of the websites was hosted overseas and beyond the reach of Macau authorities. All of these developments were featured in the *Policy Address 2021* published on *Monday*, and outlining Macau’s fight against illegal gambling operations. City Chief Executive *Ho Iat Seng* spoke during a Legislative Assembly meeting, and said that he and the government remained committed to fighting illegal gambling operations and raise awareness for responsible gambling.

Australian media regulator blocks 180 online illegal gambling sites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) that is responsible for regulating internet and digital media in the country has blocked four more websites that host illegal gambling and casino services. The total has now reached 180 since the ACMA started to block illegal URLs from November 2019. The ACMA stated that these online gaming and gambling websites have violated Interactive Gambling Act of the country and have been blocked following complaints from the Australian customers.

Woman sentenced in St. Louis federal court to 2 years for embezzling from glass company

An O’Fallon, Missouri, woman was sentenced to two years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to embezzling $433,000 from her employer. Susan E. Darrow was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Audrey Fleissig on one count of federal bank fraud after entering a guilty plea in August. In the plea agreement, Darrow admitted that from April 2014 to December 2019 she transferred money from the bank account of her employer, the Missouri Valley Glass Co., to her personal accounts. She started at the St. Charles County construction contractor as an office manager in 2013. Darrow spent large amounts of the money at casinos as well as to pay off home renovations and debt, according to her plea agreement. A tax consultant discovered the missing funds in 2019 and Darrow admitted to the embezzlement, according to the plea. The business owner had to take out personal loans to avoid bankruptcy as a result of the fraud, the plea states. In addition to prison time, Darrow was ordered to pay about $363,000 in restitution.

North Shore butcher who made $3.7M from illegal gambling business gets one year in prison 

The year Domenic Poeta purchased a $1.5 million home in Highland Park, the feds say he told the IRS he made less than $12,000. That was in 2008. The year before, Poeta allegedly reported $38,975 in income. In 2009, he reported $18,835. But prosecutors say the North Shore butcher’s spending managed to dwarf his reported income because he ran an illegal sports gambling business on the side. Poeta, 63, admitted earlier this year that he made more than $3.7 million from that bookmaking business between 2012 and 2017, dodging $1.4 million in taxes. So Monday, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly sentenced Poeta to a year in federal prison and ordered him to pay the $1.4 million he owes. “The amount involved here is pretty breathtaking, quite honestly,” Kennelly said during the hearing, which took place by videoconference. “And it’s quite likely an undercount by a pretty significant amount.” Prosecutors said they calculated the amount of taxes Poeta dodged only based on checks deposited into Poeta’s personal bank accounts by seven known gamblers in payment of losing wagers. They said Poeta actually began collecting illegal — and unreported — income long before 2012.

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