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A Brief Look at Crime 05/10 – 05/16

Ocean County Man Admits Operating an Illegal Lottery and Filing False Tax Return

An Ocean County, New Jersey man today admitted operating an illegal lottery and failing to pay more than $65,000 in federal taxes on his earnings from the scheme, Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig announced. Between 2014 and 2019, O’Neill managed an illegal lottery in Hudson County that was based on the New Jersey Lottery Commission’s Pick Six. Participants in the illegal lottery paid a $20 entry fee and selected six numbers between 1 and 49. The first participant in the illegal lottery to have all six of their numbers selected in the official Pick Six drawing won a cash prize.   For each drawing of the illegal lottery, O’Neill collected entry fees and participants’ numbers and entered the numbers into ledgers, which included identifying information for each participant and the numbers each participant had selected. O’Neill monitored the numbers selected in the official Pick Six and, when there was a winner of the illegal lottery, caused the winning participant to be paid in cash.

According to the ledgers, each drawing of the illegal lottery included up to 8,000 participants and the cash prize for each drawing often exceeded $100,000. In exchange for operating and managing the illegal lottery, O’Neill kept for himself 10 percent of the winnings from each drawing. O’Neill admitted that he failed to account for approximately $250,000 in cash winnings from the illegal lottery on tax returns he filed with the IRS between 2014 and 2018, causing him to underpay his federal incomes taxes by $65,674.

‘I stole €1.75 million to fuel my gambling addiction’

A former gambler has revealed that he stole vast sums of money in order to fuel his gambling obsession. Tony O’Reilly started gambling with just a £1 bet, but he was soon hooked. His habit quickly spiralled out of control and he was stealing from his workplace to gamble. He said that gambling meant that “everything from the outside looked really, really good, but simmering underneath was this addiction that was growing.”

O’Reilly, who lives in Ireland, shared how he gambled away €6,000 that ought to have been saved for his wedding. When he couldn’t recover the money, his fiancée’s father offered to pay instead. But he didn’t change his behaviour and continued betting while on honeymoon. “Before I knew it, I had lost €1,000. Then the chase element came in and there was €2,000 gone.” Soon, all the money the couple had been gifted was gone.

Tony continued to hide his gambling debts from his wife, and when they found they were expecting a baby, he began to steal. As a postal branch manager, he had access to significant amounts of money, and within a couple of weeks, he had stolen almost €300,000. He continued to steal, increasing the total taken from his employers to €900,000, and continuing to lose it. In a desperate attempt to “fix the situation”, he placed 31 bets on one day in an attempt to double the €462,000 that remained. Instead he lost the entire sum. By the end, Tony had stolen €1.75 million, and when it became clear he would be caught, he ran away. Even then he continued gambling from his hotel room. When the police caught him, he said he found it was actually a relief because he no longer had to hide his addiction.

Shooting Near New Hampshire DraftKings Sportsbook Leads to Life-Threatening Wounds

A man was hospitalized after being shot outside of Manchester, N.H.’s DraftKings Sportsbook brick-and-mortar location. He suffered “life-threatening injuries” in the Monday night incident, police reveal. At about 9:15 pm, multiple shots were fired during the altercation. The wounded man was transported to Elliot Hospital for treatment. It is an acute care hospital in Manchester. Details on his condition were not immediately available from the hospital on Wednesday. His name was not released by police. During a search of the crime scene, police said they located a firearm and several spent casings.

In February, a gun-associated threat took place at the sports betting location, according to the /New Hampshire Union Leader/ newspaper. It is unclear if the two incidents are connected. In the Feb. 23 incident, Samuel Paulino, 22, allegedly aimed a firearm at a patron. He also allegedly threatened to shoot the man, identified as Keagan Hall, 21, if he didn’t get into a car, the newspaper reported based on police statements. Faced with the danger, Hall made his way back inside the sportsbook. A fight ensued involving four suspects. Eventually, the four people left and then drove away in two cars.*

Eighth arrest made in probe into Kentucky drug trafficking, gambling ring

Authorities have announced an eighth arrest in to a multiyear investigation into a gambling and drug ring. Kirby Wilcox, 54, is alleged to have established or maintained a criminal syndicate in regard to a role he played with George Fisher. Wilcox also faces three counts of drug trafficking charges. The years long investigation has lead to the arrest of six others facing various charges for illegal gambling, organized crime and drug trafficking. The investigation began on July 12, 2019, when Fisher, 48, was arrested and charged with gambling in the first degree, trafficking in a first-degree controlled substance and engaging in organized crime.

Video gambling operator pays $75,000 in settlement as Illinois Gaming Board drops attempt to revoke license

A video gambling operator has agreed to pay $75,000 to the Illinois Gaming Board as part of a settlement approved Wednesday that will end a bid to revoke his license over allegations he offered a $5 million “illegal inducement” to the owner of a chain of gambling parlors. Rick Heidner’s Gold Rush Gaming agreed in the unanimously approved settlement to pay $45,000 to reimburse the board for “administrative and investigative costs,” along with a $30,000 fine for “unprofessional conduct.” The disciplinary case centered on text messages Heidner, Gold Rush’s founder and secretary, sent to Gary Leff, whose company owned the Stella’s and Shelby’s chain of gambling cafes. That chain was being purchased by Dan Fischer, who told Heidner he was replacing Gold Rush’s gambling machines with devices from his preferred supplier. Heidner faced the loss of machines at 44 locations that accounted for nearly a quarter of his company’s gambling revenue, according to both Heidner and Gaming Board records.

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