A Brief Look at Crime 8/02 – 8/08

Gambling Debt Led Brooklyn, NY Man To Allegedly Murder His Father, Reports Reveal 

Gambling debt reportedly was the motive behind a Brooklyn, N.Y. man fatally stabbing his father in the chest on July 4, according to published reports. The suspect was apprehended on Sunday in the borough’s latest deadly crime tied to gambling. Police said Sean Peterson, 24, was arrested on a murder charge over the weekend for the killing of Anthony “Capone” Berry, 45, also of Brooklyn. The early morning stabbing took place outside of Berry’s residence. The apartment building is located in the Flatbush Gardens section of the borough. The duo had been arguing near the building over the gambling debt, according to the /New York Daily News/. It appears that money was owed to Peterson. After the stabbing, EMTs transported Berry to a NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County emergency room. But doctors at the hospital declared him deceased, according to /AM NY/, a regional online news site.

Man arrested in Woodland in connection to Thunder Valley Casino shooting

A man is arrested in Woodland Friday after the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said he was involved in a shooting that injured a young woman at Thunder Valley Casino Thursday night. It was supposed to be the start of a bright, new future for 24-year-old Lajoyia Murphy. She was starting her new beauty business and was meeting a new client at Thunder Valley Casino. Her mother Krystal Gill says she and her aunt came along for support. 

According to detectives with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Murphy was coming out of a parking garage at Thunder Valley around 8 p.m. when she noticed a small, dark car was swerving in and out of lanes behind her, before pulling up beside her near Athens Avenue. “The car just pulled alongside her and just shot,” Gill said. “Shot one time and it went through the passenger door of her and hit her in the hip of her leg.” Gill says sadly this isn’t the first time their family has encountered senseless gun violence. “My daughter had just lost a cousin, Amir, from a shooting highway 50 where he was in the head,” Gill told FOX40. “It just shows the times of this world is just wicked, it’s really wicked.”

Dayton woman arrested for leaving children in hot car while gambling 

A 37-year-old Dayton woman was arrested at a casino on E. William Street for three counts of child neglect and endangerment. According to the report, a Carson City Sheriff’s Office patrol deputy was called to a child welfare check at a local hotel-casino. An off-duty Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) officer had found two small children outside of the casino’s front doors, later reporting these two children and a third were left unattended in a vehicle for approximately five hours.

The deputy arrived on-scene to be informed that the 7-year-old and 5-year-old children were found by the NHP officer sitting alone on a bench in front of the casino. Later, a third 4-year-old child was found to have been left in the vehicle who had wet hair and was visibly sweating. According to the report, the woman left her three children in the vehicle with only the sunroof and back right window cracked for ventilation. The woman estimated she was in the casino between 45 minutes to an hour.

‘We will keep busting them’: Anniston police seize 59 gaming machines after warning of raids

With help from federal and state authorities, Anniston police seized 59 gaming machines, a gun and cash from illegal gambling establishments following raids Thursday morning, the city’s police chief said. Chief Nick Bowles said he gave the establishments notice after a similar raid a few months ago but the illegal businesses did not heed his warning. As for residents who complain that the department should tackle “real crime,” Bowles said illegal gambling dens are havens for other criminal activity.

“Real crime follows these places. We’ve had assaults, robberies, a shootout and even a murder at one of them. There’s drug dealing going on, there’s illegal alcohol sales – every vice that’s available out there comes along with these gambling establishments,” he said. “So we will keep busting them — don’t open them. Don’t come to Anniston, if you don’t want to see me in your place … then don’t open a gaming establishment in Anniston, period.”

Illegal Casino Busted In East Oakland; Guns, Cash, $76,000 In Drugs Seized 

Guns, narcotics and gambling machines were seized, along with a large amount of cash after police said they busted an illegal casino in East Oakland. “For more than a year our community did exactly what we’ve asked,” Chief LeRonne Armstrong said Friday. “They partnered with OPD on an issue that has plagued this community with narcotics, human trafficking, and illegal gambling. This investigation highlights the success when the community partners with our officers.” During the bust, officers seized 18 illegal casino gaming machines. Eight firearms were also recovered, including two assault rifles, 30 high-capacity magazines and a bulletproof vest. Drugs with a street value of more than $76,000 were seized, including heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and 60 bottles of promethazine. The officers also seized more than $21,000 in cash.

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