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New Missouri Gambling Bill Represents the Largest Gambling Expansion to the State since Casinos

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the newest attempts to expand gambling in Missouri, that being Tribal Casinos. The opposition was immediate and not much else has come out publicly about that expansion idea. A new discussion for expansion has emerged however, and if allowed, it could easily be the largest expansion of gambling since voters agreed […]

Tribal Casino being pushed in Missouri has Immediate Opposition

Casino Watch Focus has reported that in Missouri, there is a cap of 13 casinos and they must be on the Missouri or Mississippi rivers. The laws have augmented over the years, but initially Missouri only allowed 2 hour river boat gambling tours. Now the casinos are full fledged casinos, not traditional paddle boats, although the […]

Missouri Casinos Now Offer Thousands in Loans to Gamblers

Casino Watch Focus has repeatedly reported on a unique protection that used to protect Missouri families from devastating gambling loss known as the Loss Limit. This protection would only allow any one person the ability to purchase $500 in gambling chips every two hours. This law protected families for most of Missouri’s legalized gambling era until […]

UPDATE: Casino Industry’s Attempt to Extend Credit in Missouri Casinos Failed

Casino Watch Focus reported on a bill filed that was introduced in the Missouri legislature to allow casinos to extend lines of credit to gamblers.  In a letter to Missouri Senators, Mark Andrews, Casino Watch Chairman, urged a “no” vote on HB 747.  Shortly thereafter, a Senate committee took up the bill.  The St. Louis […]

Missouri Looking to Extend Credit to Gamblers

###FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gambling on Credit:  A Bad Idea In a letter to the Missouri Senate Casino Watch urges Senators to vote no on HB747.  Chairman, Mark Andrews, hopes the senate will look at research on the question and vote in favor of the people of Missouri, not cave in to just another casino expansion […]

In a questionable political move, Missouri Rep. Scott Largent attempts to allow loans at casinos

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times that even though casino gambling is legal in Missouri, the legislature has taken many steps to safeguard its citizens from the dangers of gambling.  The Legislature successfully prevented all legislative attempts at removing a unique safeguard, the $500 loss limit, which essentially caped the amount of money that […]

Missouri Gaming Commission chooses Cape Girardeau for the 13th Casino

Casino Watch Focus reported that the citizens in Cape Girardeau voted to allow a new casino.  It was reported at that time that the Missouri Gaming Commission would likely approve the proposal, even though there were clear reasons reported why the MGC should not give the 13th casino license to any company or city.  Now […]

Missouri Gaming Commission to hear casino plans Oct 20th and decide by Thanksgiving

Casino Watch Focus has reported that the Missouri Gaming Commission favors Cape Girardeau as the next location for a new casino.  The Missouri Gaming Commission not only considers the location, but also the specific casino plan for those areas.  The South East Missourian is reporting that the Gaming Commission will meet soon and plan to […]

Missouri Gaming Commission may not award the 13th Casino License

Casino Watch Focus reported that after the September deadline for casino applications, only five proposals were turned in. Then,  The St Louis Post Dispatch reported that the Gaming Commission rejected one of the Sugar Creek application because it was incomplete leaving only four to be considered.  The clear consensus has been that the Missouri Gaming […]

After September deadline, the Missouri Gaming Commission has five projects to consider for final casino license

The Missouri Gaming Commission (MGC) set a September 1st deadline for applications for Missouri’s 13th casino license.  Casino Watch Focus has reported that Cape Girardeau is the front runner, but with the issue up for vote in Cape, one of four other projects could be selected by the MGC.  The St Louis Post Dispatch has […]

Missouri Gaming Commission waiting for Cape Girardeau casino vote to award the 13th gambling license

Casino Watch Focus explained that with the closing of the President Casino in St Louis, Missouri families have found themselves in a situation where a new mega casino can be built anywhere along the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers.  Cape Girardeau is one of the most talked about locations for a new casino.  However, the city […]

Missouri Gaming Commission approves 24-hr gambling

The Missouri Gaming Commission recently approved 24-hr gambling in Missouri Casinos.  The move has been made possible by the closing of The President Casino.  KPLR St Louis explains: Many of the state’s 13 casinos already stay open 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays but close for several hours each day during the week. […]

UPDATE: Missouri Gaming Commission expects to award casino license by Sept. 1st

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the new license situation and recently reported that as many as 15 different groups expressed interest in submitting proposals to the Missouri Gaming Commission for consideration.  Now the South Eastern Missourian is reporting more details of the process, including a goal of September to determine the new license […]

Missouri expands gambling through bingo

Last year Casino Watch Focus reported that the Missouri legislature passed a new bingo gambling bill, but Gov. Nixon vetoed it.  At the end of this year’s legislative session, the politicians are trying to expand gambling again, but this time they are not pulling any funds away from education – Gov Nixon’s primary reason for […]

15 Groups are interested in the final remaining Missouri gaming license

Casino Watch Focus reported that with The President Casino closing, its gaming license would be available for a new company or casino to operate along the Missouri or Mississippi rivers.  There are three key areas for possible development, the Sugar Creek area in Kansas City, the Chain of Rocks area in St Louis, and Gape […]