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The Florida Panthers Hockey Team Linked to a Destination Casino?

Casino Watch Focus has been long reporting on the battle to expand gambling in Florida to that of full-scale, Las Vegas destination casinos.  Genting group has been the most active over the past few years in attempting to set the stage for destination gambling. Those efforts have been fought off by various groups looking to […]

Disney Prepared to Fight Destination Casinos as The Genting Group Buys Herald Building in Miami

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many continued efforts of The Genting Group and others to bring mega-destination, Las Vegas-styles casinos to Florida.  After early legislative losses two years ago, The Genting Group decided to use a ballot initiative to bring the issue to the voters.  They ultimately suspended that effort in hopes of […]

New Pro-Family, Anti-Gambling Message to Oppose Mega Destination Casinos in Florida

Casino Watch Focus has reported that after a failed attempt in the Florida Legislature, the issue of mega resort casinos is being pushed by the Genting Group to appear on the ballot.  What will surely follow is a slick campaign full of deception and falls promises as was seen in Missouri.  The Pro-Family, anti-gambling group […]

Las Vegas Sands Pulls Lobbying Efforts to Legalize Destination Mega Casinos in Florida

Over the years, Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many ongoing efforts of Law Vegas Sands to get approval to build a Vegas-Style, full-scale, mega casino. They have focused most of their efforts with lobbyist attempting to craft legislation that would make it through the Florida legislature. Despite many efforts and bills, no significant progress […]

Top Florida Cabinet Members Join in Opposition of Proposed Destination-Casinos

Casino Watch Focus reported that a diverse group of individuals and groups were standing strong in their opposition to the Destination Casinos bill introduced by  Senator Ellyn Bogandoff.  The more mainstream groups that oppose expanded gambling include Disney, The Florida Chamber of Commerce, The Florida Hotel and Lodging Association, and The Florida Attractions Association. Joining […]

GUEST ARTICLE: [Florida] Lawmakers’ Rushed Deal to Expand Casinos in Miami is a Reckless Gamble

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to expand gambling in Florida by authorizing a new, Las Vegas style, destination resort casino. As recently pointed out by the Mason-Dixon poll, the vast amount of voters, 84%, want to either hold the line or actually reduce gambling expansion. When it came to gambling expansion through new […]

Genting Attempts, Desperate, Hail-Mary Lawsuit to Force through a New Florida Casino; City Aid for Major Steps Down from Genting in Disagreement

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many failed attempts by Genting to construct a new, Vegas-style, destination resort casino in Florida. Most of the attempts have come through the Florida legislature, but those stopped a few years ago when they decided to go the route of initiative petition to get the issue put on […]

No Casinos’ New Video Warns of ‘Gambling Creep’

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of the group No Casinos to educate the public as to the dangers of expanded gambling in Florida. One major strategy by legislators is to implement expanded gambling in very small increments so the public at large wont notice the true scale of the expansion, similar to […]

Florida Senate President Favors Constitutional Amendment to Expand Vegas-style Gambling Casinos

Last year, Casino Watch Focus reported the attempt of the Genting Group to sidestep the legislature on the issue of expanded gambling though destination casinos by placing a ballot initiative before the voters in Florida. They hoped to either put pressure on the legislature to pass a proposal that they had more control over, or […]

UPDATE: Genting Group Drops Initiative Petition Efforts, Focusing on Mega Casinos through Legislature Instead

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing attempts of Genting Group to legalize full scale, Vegas-type destination resort casinos.  Their most recent attempt has been to spend a million dollars to get an initiative petition approved to take to the people of Florida.  Once there, they would spend millions to persuade the voters to […]

Genting attempts to buy casino expansion in Florida

Casino Watch Focus has reported  on the on going attempts of Genting Group to bring mega-resort, destination casino gambling to Florida.  After failed attempts in the Florida legislature, the Genting group has decided to take the issue to the ballot box.  Casino Watch Focus has also reported on the strong support that has already come […]

Florida Mega Resort Casinos to Appear on 2014 Ballot – Voters Beware

Casino Watch Focus reported that the legislation being pushed by the Genting Group and others to legalize mega-resort casinos died in the legislature during this years session. The leadership in Florida was strong and outspoken against expanded gambling.  They were representative of their constituents as well as a voice of economic and social reason.  Now, […]

UPDATE: Florida Destination Gambling Bill Essentially Dies in the House

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Mega Resort Gambling bill had taken its first step in the Senate by being voted out of a committee.  It still needed to travel farther in the Senate, but it was assumed the bill would stall in the House.  The bill must pass through both sides of the legislature […]

Florida Mega Casinos would lead to More Crime at a Cost of $3 Billion in Incarceration Costs Alone

Casino Watch Focus reported that the opposition for Florida’s mega-destination casinos had grown to include some very impressive and influential groups.  The group No –Casinos reported on the results of a study entitled “Casinos and Florida: Crime and Prison Costs.”  The Miami Herald explains that the reports points to a huge increase in crime, which […]

UPDATE: Florida Destination Gambling Bill Takes First Step, Has a Long Path Ahead

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida Gambling Bill had faced enough obstacles and opposition, that the bill’s author, Senator Bogdanoff, made an incredible amount of revisions and gambling expansions, in an attempt to bring as many people on board as possible. As originally expected, the Florida Senate was the likely starting ground for the […]