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Florida Gambling Study Stalls: Results aren’t as Pro-Gambling Expansion as Some Hoped

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of pro-gambling interests to influence the voters and advance gambling expansion in Florida.  The Legislature hired a biased firm, with clear ties to gambling, to conduct a study to determine gambling expansion’s impact in Florida.  Many questions have been raised and alternative studies have been offered, […]

Florida Gambling Study Points to Harm of State’s Tourism with Expansion

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ever growing debate of gambling expansion in Florida and the controversial company selected to produce a gambling study for the Florida Legislature.  The company, Spectrum Gaming Group, was paid around $400, 000 and has been criticized as being made up of too many gambling industry insiders.  The first […]

Florida Legislature Appoints Controversial Company to Head Gambling Expansion Study

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida legislature cut $400,000 from programs designed to treat those who suffer from compulsive gambling.  Then they approved $400,000 to commission a gambling study.  It was clear at the time that the intent of the study was to promote gambling and not actually evaluate the data that would expressly […]

UPDATE: Newly Established Florida Senate Gaming Committee to Conduct 2 Year Gambling Study Delaying Slot Expansion

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing attempts to legalize gambling in Florida including recent reports regarding slot machine expansion that was recently taken to a vote of the people. With so much ongoing debate, The Florida Current is reporting that the Senate has established a new gambling committee: A bill to bring large […]

Florida Governor responds to calls to veto $400,000 pro-gambling study but remains politically ambivalent on the casino debate

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida legislature cut $400,000 from programs designed to help those with compulsive gambling issues, while also approving a new $400,000 gambling study.  The seeming intent of the study was to focus on the financial gains of new destination casinos, while ignoring the devastation and negative consequences of gambling. Immediately […]

Florida Budget to include $400,000 for a gambling study to “justify” future gambling expansion

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the ongoing battle to introduce 5 destination gambling resorts to Florida through the legislature.  Clearly, each attempt has failed this year, so the pro-gambling force is already focused on next years efforts.  A classic step in the evolution of gambling expansion is for the interested party to commission […]

American Gaming Association Mysteriously Doubles Economic Estimates for Florida Gambling Expansion

Casino Watch Focus has reported that a newly established Florida Senate Gaming Committee issued a two year gambling study back in 2012. There was plenty of criticism about the company hired to do the study being too connected to the gambling industry. It was reported that the first part of the study, released during the summer of […]

Florida Senate Says Gambling Bills are Dead this Legislative Session

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting  on the ongoing gambling developments during this year’s Florida legislative session.  The Florida House moved forward and passed a bill, but the Senate has been taking more time to push any legislation, in part at the urging of Gov. Scott and in part due to a lack of agreement […]

Casinos won’t help Florida’s economy

In an open letter to the Miami Herald,Paul Davies and Barbara Whitehead, Institute for American Values, New York, share a empirical perspective from around the country of why Florida doesn’t need more gambling to help its economy: In the mad scramble for more gambling dollars, Florida’s timing could not be worse. The state’s legislators are […]

Don’t gamble with Florida’s future

Guest Article by John Kindt – University of Illinois professor emeritus. He has testified before Congress and legislatures on business and legal policy issues, particularly gambling.       In 1994, Florida voters rejected a ballot proposal legalizing casinos and accompanying slot machines. The Florida gambling proposal was largely modeled on the Illinois Legislature’s 1990 legalization of […]

Florida Needs Credible Information About Casinos

##FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct 3, 2013 By Mark Andrews Florida Casino Watch   Once people examine the impact of casinos, they understand this is bad, insidious business enabled by the government. What Floridians need is credible and objective information. As Tallahassee focuses on how to align gambling policies, the question is: Will Florida lawmakers consider […]


##FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2013   Now, just days before Committee Week and the Florida Senate’s first meeting to discuss the future of gambling here, comes a new study that could become a valuable guide for lawmakers during their deliberations.  33 scholars have put together their 31 Evidence-Based Propositions regarding State sponsored gambling. […]

PSA: Florida Residents Encouraged to Attend Gambling Meetings to Express Gambling Expansion Concerns

Casino Watch Focus has been heavily involved in reporting the ongoing efforts to expand gambling in Florida by introducing full-scale, Las Vegas mega-resort casinos.  Many groups and organizations such as Disney and NoCasinos, have launched efforts to protect Florida families from the dangerous effects of ongoing gambling expansion.  As unique even will now allow concerned […]

Florida Gambling Loopholes Lead to Expansion

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing attempts to expand gambling in Florida.  The Genting Group has been attempting to build mega resort casino’s and has managed to put together a gambling cruise ship as they wait to push the Vegas-style casino complexes through future legislative sessions.  Now it appears that more expansion is […]

Update: Florida House Passes Internet Cafes Ban, Senate Expected to Follow

Casino Watch Focus reported that a major gambling investigation in Florida concluded with almost 60 arrests.  At issue were Internet Café, which have been operated all over the state.  Charges ranged from illegal gambling to racketeering. Last year the Florida House attempted a bill banning Internet Cafes, but the legislation stalled in Senate after passing […]