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Jacksonville Florida Mayor to Enforce Internet Café Ban via Local Legislation, but a Lawsuit Seeks an Injunction

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing issue of internet cafés. Gov. Rick Scott banned this form of illegal gambling as these gambling machines essentially created unregulated mini-casinos. Formal legislation was needed as manufactures and venues routinely tried to claim they weren’t slot machines. However, many jurisdictions have been slow to enforce the new ban […]

Florida Gov Signs Law that Aids Enforcement of Internet Café Ban

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing fight in Florida to stop illegal gambling known as internet cafes. They are effectively mini-casinos or slot machine parlors operating in normal, everyday locations and business. Federal and State authorities worked together to bring down a multi-million dollar operation and then the Legislator sent a clear message […]

Florida Internet Cafes Might Reemerge and Require Additional Legislative Action

Casino Watch has reported on the ongoing development of Florida’s internet café gambling problem.  The Legislature sent a clear message that these slot parlors are illegal and should stay closed, but several attempts have been made to sidestep the intent of the new law by looking for loopholes in the letter of law.  The Sun-Sentinel […]

Florida Senior Cafés Reopening Using a New Model in an Attempt to Distance Themselves from Internet Cafés

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of Florida’s internet cafés.  These mini slot parlors and casinos were definitively banned after a massive operation took down a $300 million internet café.  Owners of these illegal gambling sites put forth a lawsuit attempting to prevent its enforcement, thus keeping them open so they could […]

Florida Judge Denies Injunction Sought to Stop Enforcement of Internet Café Ban

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to end illegal Internet Cafes in Florida.  Gov. Rick Scott signed into law legislation passed by the Florida House and Senate that officially put an end to illegal Internet Cafes.  Shortly thereafter, a group filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the ban.  Now The Tampa […]

UPDATE: Lawsuit Filed Against the Recent Ban of Florida Internet Cafés

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida Legislature passed a bill to ban the controversial internet cafes that were featured in the multi-agency, multi-state, multi-year investigation.  After the danger of these gambling parlors became so widely reported, the Florida Legislature and Governor forged ahead to close the loopholes that allowed for the essentially unregulated strip-mall […]

UPDATE: Florida Senate Passes Ban on Internet Cafés, Gov Signs into Law

Casino Watch Focus reported that in the wake of the major investigations of Florida’s internet cafés, the Florida House of Representatives passed a bill to ban the gambling parlors.  Further investigations revealed that these strip mall casinos were so under regulated, that no background checks were required and those with criminal pasts were running those […]

Florida Internet Cafés’ Lack of Background Checks Allow Criminals to Operate Gambling Dens

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of the Florida gambling dens known as internet cafes.  These cafes are essentially unlicensed mini slot parlors/casinos that represent danger to Florida families.  Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida prosecutors, in a multi-agency investigaton, arrested over 50 people and revealed the sinister nature of how […]

Update: Florida House Passes Internet Cafes Ban, Senate Expected to Follow

Casino Watch Focus reported that a major gambling investigation in Florida concluded with almost 60 arrests.  At issue were Internet Café, which have been operated all over the state.  Charges ranged from illegal gambling to racketeering. Last year the Florida House attempted a bill banning Internet Cafes, but the legislation stalled in Senate after passing […]

Florida Prosecutors Crack Down on Internet Cafes, Leads to Resignation of Lieutenant Governor and Outcries

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Florida Senate Gaming Committee Chairman John Thrasher was pushing for a moratorium on Internet Cafes.  No Casinos.Org released a press release explaining why they are dangerous to Florida families and should be banned. Now the Orlando Sentinel is reporting the deals of a major $300 million Internet Café conspiracy: […]

Florida State Senator Pushes Moratorium on Internet Cafes

Casino Watch Focus Reported that the Florida Senate Gaming Committee plans to conduct a 2 year gambling study before any major gambling expansion will be passed.  It came at the heals of several local cities passing slot machine gambling expansion measures. Now, a Florida State Senator wants to continue the idea of researching before expanding […]

Guest Article: Florida Internet Cafes lead to violence and need to be banned

Casino Watch Focus has reported on several actions being lead by the group  Now they have issued a release regarding the legally controversial Internet Cafes that have been affecting Florida families:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, May 25, 2012   CONTACT: John Sowinski (407) 608-5930 Violence at Internet Café is Out of Hand: Brutal […]

A Brief Look at Crime 8/05 – 08/11

Mobster’s son is indicted for ‘ordering fatal hit on his own father at a McDonald’s drive-thru attempting to take over illegal gambling business A mobster’s son allegedly ordered a hit on his father at a McDonald’s drive-thru in the Bronx as well as a botched hit on his own brother, authorities say. Anthony Zottola Sr […]

A Brief Look at Crime 04/09 – 04/15

Mum-of-five stabbed to death in front of children after argument with her gambling addicted husband A mother-of-five was stabbed to death in front of some of her children following an argument with her gambling addicted husband. Parvez Akhtar plunged a combat style knife into his 49-year-old wife’s chest on the doorstep of her home after […]

A Brief Look at Crime 08/14 – 08/20

Gambling Addict Bludgeons Man With Hammer, Chopped Up Body Receives 22 Years Prison An cold-blooded killer who bludgeoned a man with a hammer then chopped his body into pieces after the victim refused to give him a $100 loan to fuel his gambling addiction will now be spending 22 years in prison. David Napier of […]