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Las Vegas Sands Pulls Lobbying Efforts to Legalize Destination Mega Casinos in Florida

Over the years, Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many ongoing efforts of Law Vegas Sands to get approval to build a Vegas-Style, full-scale, mega casino. They have focused most of their efforts with lobbyist attempting to craft legislation that would make it through the Florida legislature. Despite many efforts and bills, no significant progress […]

A diverse mix of Groups Oppose Full-Scale Vegas-Style Gambling in Florida

Casino Watch focus reported that a bill has been introduced in the Florida legislature to expand gambling by allowing mega Vegas-style destination casinos. Key groups immediately came out against this possible gambling expansion including The Florida Chamber of Commerce, Disney and The Florida Hotel and Lodging Association to name a few.  Now, The Miami Herald […]

Florida Destination Gambling bill makes a last ditch effort in the Senate, but stalls in the House

Casino Watch Focus reported that two Florida State Senators, Dennis Jones and Maria Sachs, filed legislation to allow five destination casinos throughout the state.  The bill was immediately opposed by the pari-mutual industry and the Seminole Tribe was quick to point out that if the bill passed, they would no longer be obligated to pay […]

UPDATE: Florida State Senators introduce Vegas Style Casino expansion bill

Casino Watch Focus reported that Las Vegas Sands Corp and Wynn Casinos pitched their idea for Vegas style casinos to the Senate Regulation Industries Committee.  Now an online source is reporting that two Florida State Senators serving in that Committee, Dennis Jones and Maria Sachs, have officially filed legislation that would create destination gambling casinos: […]

Las Vegas Casino Companies Pitched plans to the Florida State Government

Casino Watch Focus reported that with Gov Scott’s position on gambling coming into question, Florida State Senator Dennis Jones has put forth legislation to consider Vegas style designation gambling casinos.  Now the St Petersburg Times is reporting that two companies pitched ideas to the Senate Regulation Industries Committee: Andy Abboud of the Las Vegas Sands […]

Will Florida’s Governor maintain his anti-gambling expansion position or support all out Vegas style gambling?

Newly elected Gov. Rick Scott claimed he was against gambling expansion in Florida.  Two weeks after the November election, Gov. Scott had a sit down meeting with a Las Vegas gaming company owner.  The meeting was of course confusing to those who believed he was against gambling expansion in the state.  Fast forward two months […]

Florida considers complete Vegas-Style gambling

The saga in Florida continues.  Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the state of the gambling compact with the Seminole Indians and most recently reported that the compact had been voted down in legislative committee.  Now it appears that Florida is considering full scale commercial gambling as a means to balance its budget. The […]

A Brief Look at Crime 01/16 – 01/22

Western Union Slammed For Aiding Crooks, Agrees To Pay $586 Million Money transfer giant Western Union has agreed to pay $586 million in connection with its failure to prevent criminals from moving ill-gotten money using its platform, according to federal authorities. In a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission on […]

A Brief Look at Crime 5/30-6/12

Two dead after fight, police shooting at North Las Vegas casino  Two North Las Vegas casino employees are dead, including a rampaging man who police said appeared to have had a “chaotic episode” before he was shot by a police officer in an employee-only area of the Silver Nugget casino, police said Thursday. A third […]

A Brief Look at Crime 04/11 – 04/17

190 deaths linked to problem gambling in eight years, report says Nearly 200 people have taken their own lives in Quebec because of problems related to compulsive gambling in the space of nearly a decade. CJAD News has obtained a coroner’s report that says between 190 compulsive gamblers killed themselves during a period lasting between […]

Brief Look at Crime 08/24 – 08/30

Illinois man found guilty in shooting death of Indiana woman  An Illinois man has been found guilty of shooting death of a northwestern Indiana woman whose body was found in parking garage at Gary’s Majestic Star Casino. A Lake Superior Court jury deliberated less than two hours Friday before finding 60-year-old Ralph Martinez of Alsip, […]

American Gaming Association No Longer Supports Online Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the ongoing and continual efforts of both states and the federal government to advance gambling expansion through online gambling.  The most common form of online gambling at hand is online poker.  There is still no uniform federal legislation that allows online gambling, poker or other wise and thus […]

Florida Gambling Mood Shifts as Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson Sends Droves of Lobbyists: “Conservatives” Appear to be Buying In

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to expand gambling in Florida, typically with new full-sized, Vegas-sytle gambling casinos.  For the past few years, these efforts have been unsuccessful, despite many different avenues for making expansion a reality. As a new legislative session is soon to quickly move through its short cycle, the […]

Disney Prepared to Fight Destination Casinos as The Genting Group Buys Herald Building in Miami

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many continued efforts of The Genting Group and others to bring mega-destination, Las Vegas-styles casinos to Florida.  After early legislative losses two years ago, The Genting Group decided to use a ballot initiative to bring the issue to the voters.  They ultimately suspended that effort in hopes of […]

Is Genting Group Leveraging Florida Gambling Expansion Ballot Initiative to Press Action in Legislative Session?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the Genting Group’s many attempts at expanding gambling in Florida to bring in full scale mega Vegas-style resort casinos.  Most recently Genting was reported to have been greasing the wheels to help ensure a ballot initiative will move forward in the process.  Now, its being reported that they have […]