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A Brief Look at Crime 4/08 – 4/14

Search warrant served at game room, scene of deadly 2018 officer involved shooting On January 31, a confidential associate of the Lubbock Police department went into Fish Room with money to gamble and left receiving a cash payout. On February 5, the associate returned and received another cash payout totaling $150. Under Texas Penal Code […]

Critical Testimony about the Addictive Nature of Slot Machines Shared During Florida Gambling Workshops

Casino Watch Focus has reported that The Florida Senate Gambling Committee is holding gambling workshops with the intent to gather the local community to share their thoughts on gambling commission.  Mark Andrews of Florida Casino watch provided critical testimony on the intended effects of slot machines and how they have been designed to make losers […]

UPDATE: Newly Established Florida Senate Gaming Committee to Conduct 2 Year Gambling Study Delaying Slot Expansion

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing attempts to legalize gambling in Florida including recent reports regarding slot machine expansion that was recently taken to a vote of the people. With so much ongoing debate, The Florida Current is reporting that the Senate has established a new gambling committee: A bill to bring large […]

Study Confirming Near-Misses Fuel Gambling Addiction Highlights Need to Stay Focused on Slot Machines

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on the dangers of slot machines.  The psychology behind why slot machines are so effective at addicting players has been the subject of many researchers.  A recent study has examined the idea of a “near-miss,” or coming one icon away from a win.  The conclusion of the researchers […]

M.I.T. expert explains the “zone” and how gambling machines are designed to exploit gamblers for casino and state profit.

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the importance and qualifications of Natasha Shull’s research and commented on how problem gamblers are often the focus, not the the problem machines.  In the same MIT article, Natasha comments on the flawed rational of local governments who seek to exploit people for budgetary gain: In an effort to […]

Why do we focus on problem gamblers but not problem machines?

Natasha Shull, a cultural anthropologist and assistant professor in MIT’s Program on Science, Technology and Society, has spent the last 15 years researching and studding the gambling industry and more specifically, the machines they develop to make big profits.  Natasha has written a book, Machine Zone: Technology and Compulsion in Las Vegas, and created a […]