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NFL Player uses Coronavirus Loans Illegally at Hard Rock Casino in FL

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the various complications and disruptions of how Covid-19 is impacting the gambling industry.  Some of those stories have also involved criminal activity ranging from illegal gambling venues that opened up after regulated casinos were shut down due to lockdown, to casinos not enforcing new guidelines to not providing the […]

With Sports Betting Now Legal, Super Bowl Betting Brings Even More Risk and the NFL Attempts to See Prop Bets Banned

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the numerous gambling impacts expected around the Super Bowl. Each year the amount of gambling seem to increase and the expectations for Super Bowl LIII (53) between the Las Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots is no different. However, the recent Supreme Court decision that has legalized sports betting […]

NFL Called out as Hypocritical with its First Official Casino Partnership

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many dealings with the NFL as it relates to gambling. For the longest time, the NFL has opposed sports betting and cited integrity concerns among others. Even as the Supreme Court legalized sports gambling, the NFL has been involved in lobbying efforts to keep gambling heavily regulated. There has […]

Will Florida Amendment 3 Push the NFL’s Jaguars to London?

Casino Watch Focus has long reported on the many faces of sports betting. With a fairly recent Supreme Court decision that allows for sports betting, many states have expanded in many ways. Florida had yet to pass legislation to legalize sports betting, so everything from daily fantasy sports to full sports books, remains open in Florida. […]

Supreme Court Betting Case Lawsuit Against NFL and other Sports Leagues Shot Down by Court

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the New Jersey Monmouth Park lawsuit against the sports leagues in the wake of the Supreme Court legalizing sports betting. For years New Jersey attempted to legalize sports gambling, and for years, the courts shot down all their efforts. In the states most recent attempt however, the managed to get […]

NFL reverses Gambling Advertising Policy – Dallas Cowboys first to sign with Casino

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the National Football League’s dealings with gambling over the years. They have long held the policy to fight against additional legalization of sports betting and they vigilantly fought each of New Jersey’s attempts over the years to expand sport betting. Even after the recent landmark decision by the Supreme Court […]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Asks Federal Government for Sports Betting Oversight while States Fight for Their Right to Regulate

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to legalize sport betting. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal law that prevented nationwide sports betting was unconstitutional. As a result, states are now able to legalize this form of gambling. Naturally, the sports leagues are very concerned given their position has always been to oppose […]

The Trump Administration and 30 other Advocacy Groups Filed Supreme Court Briefs supporting the NFL and other’s Opposition to the New Jersey Sports Gambling Case

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of events surrounding New Jersey’s attempt to legalize sports betting in their state. All attempts have resulted in failure and this latest attempt has managed to reach the Supreme Court. The issue at hand is the constitutionality of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The […]

UPDATE: NFL to Cease Fantasy Football Marketing Efforts to Minors

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the unfortunate direction the NFL took regarding fantasy sports. Several non-profit organizations, including The National Council on Problem Gambling and the Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood, reached out to the NFL to express legitimate concerns over their marketing practices. In a letter to the Commissioner Roger Goodell, they outlined how […]

Nonprofit Groups Expose the NFL’s Strategy to use Fantasy Sports to Addict Kids to Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the National Football League’s (NFL) position on sports gambling. They have long held to the belief that keeping the NFL a very far distance from gambling is in the league’s best interest. Recently that position has come into question with the NFL’s interest in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). This new […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Companies May Lose First NFL Team Partnership Amid Insider Trading Scandal and Illegal Gambling Label

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing issues running ramped through the daily fantasy sports industry including a Class Action lawsuit, federal investigations by the FBI and US Attorney General, and numerous state actions including a Nevada shut down of DFS and general investigations by state attorney general offices as well. Now it would appear […]

Court Date Decided and Briefs Filed by NFL, MLB & Other Sport Organizations against New Jersey’s Sports Betting Legislation

Casino Watch Focus reported that the NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA were joined by the federal government in their lawsuit against New Jersey pro-sports betting legislation.  Betting on these sports has traditionally been limited to Las Vegas, but New Jersey passed legislation looking to open wide scale sports betting in their state.  The lawsuit was […]

NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA Joined by Federal Government in Lawsuit Against New Jersey Sports Betting Legislation

Casino Watch Focus reported that all virtually all the major sports organizations joined together in a lawsuit to stop a recently passed law in New Jersey.  Its certainly not the first time the NFL or others have sought to defeat sports betting gambling expansion, but in an interesting turn of events, the Federal Government is […]

The NFL, along with MLB, NHL & the NCAA, sue to stop NJ sports betting

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the NFL’s opposition to gambling on their games.  Outside of Las Vegas, no other states have the same type of open sports type gambling that draws the ire of the NFL.  Delaware attempted to pass a single-event betting law for NFL games, but as Casino Watch Focus reported, the […]

Are NFL Replacement Referees Cause for Gambling Corruption Concern?

This week’s Monday Night Football (MFN) game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers sparked intense debate over an incredibly controversial ending because of a series of terrible decisions by the replacement officials, the last of which changed the outcome of the game. These replacement NFL officials have not only created havoc for […]