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Rio Olympics New Las Vegas Betting Target: Signaling American Acceptance of Olympic Impurity?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing impact gambling has had on the Olympics and on the many ways in which those involved have tried to keep the games pure and free of gambling corruption allegations. In a year when the Olympics host site has come under such unbelievable scrutiny and major doping allegations and […]

Daily Olympics Gambling Coming to Nevada Sports Books?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the dangers of allowing gambling on the Olympics. The issues range from creating new addicted sports gamblers to seeing the integrity of the Olympic Games to come into question. The International Olympics Committee has done its part to ban by banning gambling for those competing in the winter and summer games. […]

London Olympics’ gambling numbers set records and top 100 million

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of the International Olympic Committee to minimize gambling on the games.  Protecting the integrity of the games is key in a sports world that is under constant scrutiny for game fixing due to huge gambling markets.  The first move of this games IOC was to ban […]

What can the Olympics teach us about the dangers of online gambling?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the struggles the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has dealt with in regards to gambling.  Most recently, the IOC issued a banned for athletes and their coaches for the current 2012 London Olympic Games.  The focus has primarily been on preventing match-fixing scandals and the like, however, little focus has […]

IOC issues a gambling ban for athletes in the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games

Casino Watch Focus has reported that the International Olympic Committee is no stranger to dealing with gambling scandals and game-fixing.  The next Olympic Games will take place in London in 2012.  Unfortunately, the region has been home to cricket and soccer game-fixing scandals.  One of this years goals of the IOC is to uphold the […]

questioning the integrity of the olympics

There have been several prior reports about a number of professional sports organizations investigating illegal gambling activates ranging from tennis to cricket with the most notable being Tim Donaghy, the former NBA official who bet on games he officiated. The Kansas City Star is reporting just how much these allegations are affecting the sports community: In […]

A Brief Look at Crime 12/02 – 12/08

Police Say Alabama Student Called in LSU, Florida Game Threat Due to a Gambling Bet    A University of Alabama student is accused of calling in a threat at Louisiana State’s Tiger Stadium during the school’s Saturday night football game against the University of Florida. The Tuscaloosa News reports 19-year-old Connor Bruce Croll of Crozet, […]

Brief Look at Crime 09/08 – 09/14

Remus woman sent to prison for gunning down gambling partner, lover A 33-year-old Remus woman is heading to prison for up to 40 years for fatally shooting her 68-year-old lover. Clare County Circuit Judge Thomas R. Evans on Wednesday, Sept. 10, sentenced Oanh K. Bass to 15 to 40 years on a conviction of second-degree […]

A Brief Look at Crime 7/30 -8/05

Suit blames Miss. casino for gambler’s death after drinking A $75 million lawsuit accuses a Mississippi casino of causing the death of a pain-pill-taking gambler by plying him with too many free drinks, the Associated Press reports. Bryan Lee Glenn, 30, died in August 2009 in his room at the IP Casino Resort and Spa […]

As New States Join the Sports Betting Fold, Concerns for Crime, Addiction and Costs for Taxpayers

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on sports gambling and the attempts states have made to legalize such betting.  An online source is reporting that Delaware has now passed legislation to expand sports betting to the internet as well as 20 other non-casino locations.  Illinois is also considering such expansion.  Illinois own, Professor John […]

A Brief Look at Crime 01/02 – 01/08

Utah Couple Arrested In Carjacking, Double Murder US Marshals arrested a Utah couple Tuesday in connection with a two-state crime spree that included a violent carjacking and a burglary that left two dead. Logan McFarland, 24, and Angela Atwood, 25, were arrested without incident at about 1:20pm local time after being spotted walking in the […]

And so it begins…

The Olympics have no doubt evolved from their once time honored Greek tradition with a focus on religion and sportsmanship to an organization that has found itself in tough political situations ranging from doping scandals to boycotts and violence.  Unfortunately, its criticism continues to mount as gambling finds itself in the fold.  Casino Watch has […]